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Dennis Haggerty
President - Automotive
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Dennis Haggerty

President - Automotive
Dennis Haggerty started his career at ARC Reprographics, where he quickly learned about the financial side of the business. His accounting degree was certainly beneficial, but Haggarty was also an expert at comprehending more than just numbers. His hard work and dedication earned him the title of Chief Financial Officer (CFO). He then advanced his career by joining AL Media, where he retained his CFO title while also gaining the additional title of Media Director. Haggerty managed more than $1 billion in campaign funding as one of the country's top political media firms. Senators, presidents, and representatives relied on his knowledge to reach out to their intended voters. Dennis was an expert at picking up on the subtleties of different voter bases and how they evolved over time. He made certain that every new strategy incorporated the fundamentals of these shifts in order for each ad to be as effective as possible. Dennis Haggerty discovered he wanted more from his career as he spent time learning the ins and outs of corporate and political America. In 2007, he made the decision to start his own company. The company, dubbed @Media, provided clients with integrated marketing services in order to increase revenue and influence. Haggerty grew his company from a one-man operation to a full-fledged corporation, and people quickly recognized him for his tireless efforts to complete tasks.

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