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Doug Henderson
Electrical Contractor
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Doug Henderson

Electrical Contractor
From the heartland of Tulsa, Oklahoma, to the picturesque shores of Fort Walton Beach, Florida, Doug Henderson's life is a testament to unwavering dedication to his community and his distinguished profession as an accomplished electrical contractor. His steadfast professionalism serves as the unshakable foundation upon which his life's narrative is built, consistently radiating through his personal life, hobbies, and charitable endeavors. Though born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, his early years found their essence in the coastal splendor of Fort Walton Beach, Florida. His life's course was profoundly shaped by the guidance and wisdom of his father and grandfather, both eminent figures in the realm of electrical contracting. This familial heritage instilled in him the enduring values of diligence and steadfast dedication, offering him his inaugural glimpse into electrical craftsmanship. It was no surprise when Doug embraced and perpetuated the cherished family tradition. Following his proud graduation from Fort Walton Beach High School in 1980, he eagerly embarked on the practical application of these precious virtues, wholeheartedly immersing himself in the family trade. His innate aptitude for solving intricate problems swiftly became evident, a quality that would prove instrumental in his subsequent ascent as a master electrician. In 1982, he celebrated a lifelong partnership with his cherished partner. Their union blossomed into a family, graced with two children, sons and daughters, who have inherited their father's unwavering commitment to their chosen life paths. Inspired by his illustrious journey, their son has carved his niche as a skilled electrical and general contractor. Meanwhile, their daughter ventured into the dynamic realm of real estate, charting her unique path in business. Within the haven of their home, Doug Henderson's wife adeptly manages domestic affairs. She has gracefully assumed the mantle of overseeing Henderson Electric of NWF, a tangible testament to her unwavering commitment and strong work ethic, virtues she shares wholeheartedly with her husband. Furthermore, she seamlessly collaborates with their son, lending her expertise as an interior designer to elevate the thriving enterprise of his contracting company. In his life, the threads of diligence, devotion to family, and unwavering dedication to an esteemed profession are woven harmoniously, painting a portrait of success and fulfillment that resonates profoundly within his community and extends far beyond its borders.
Henderson Electric of NWF
Fort Walton Beach High School
Fort Walton Beach, FL, USA

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Electrical Contractor

Aug 1987 - Present
Fort Walton Beach, FL, USA


Bachelor of Engineering (BEng)
Electrical Engineering
1976 - 1980