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Dr. Christopher Zed
Dental Surgeon
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Dr. Christopher Zed

Dental Surgeon
Christopher Zed, DDS, is a dental professional with more than 3 decades in the field of dentistry, which he has largely spent in the Vancouver area. As a dentist, he has always maintained a philosophy that centers his patients, empowering them to make well-informed decisions about their care and recovery. Dr. Zed has been a clinical professor, chief of dentistry, and is now a privately practicing dentist. Throughout much of his career, he has made a point of involving himself in the research of his compatriots and has been part of several peer-reviewed studies, including those concerning oral cancer and community dentistry.
Bayview Lonsdale Dental
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Dental Surgeon and Owner

Aug 2020 - Present
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Dr. Christopher Zed has been a practicing dentist for over two decades, and he holds various positions within the field. Some of these include serving as the chief of dentistry at Vancouver General Hospital, as well as a professor and the 2010 Olympics’ chief of dentistry. His work has been heavily influenced by his own research, which has focused on various topics such as community dentistry and oral cancer. As a practicing dentist, he currently works as the owner of Bayview-Lonsdale Dental. He believes that in order to provide the best possible care, patients should be treated with dignity and respect. Aside from being a passionate and dedicated dentist, Dr. Christopher also enjoys spending time with his family and other recreational activities.

Principle Associate

Jan 2014 - Present
Vancouver, BC, Canada


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