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Dr. Scott Ponquinette

Dr. Scott Ponquinette seeks to provide patients with treatment modalities that require neither pharmaceutical drugs nor surgeries. he spent many years in the medical field, including as a primary care physician at Magnum Opus Primary Care Physicians, LLC, before deciding to specialize in treating trigeminal neuralgia, migraine headaches, and orofacial pain and dysfunction. Based in Newport News, Virginia, Dr. Scott Ponquinette achieves consistent, positive results for his clients. He even refunds the cost of treatment for those who do not receive the expected results. Dr. Ponquinette holds a doctorate in neuroscience. He has also completed extensive studies in various scientific fields to support him in his unique approach to medical care. For example, his study of physics has contributed an understanding of electromagnetic activity in the body and its control of tissue function. The study of piezoelectricity has taught him how to employ this current in the bones through application of mechanical stress or excitation. The principle of homeostasis underlies his theoretical approach, as it posits that homeostatic disruption causes disease, while restoration of homeostasis provides a crucial step for regaining health.
Magnum Opus Primary Care Physicians LLC
Sherman College
Newport News, VA, USA

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Jan 2019 - Jan 2022
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Doctor of Medicine (MD)
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