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Dr. Steve Paragioudakis, MD

Dr. Steve Paragioudakis, MD, is a highly skilled orthopedic and spinal surgeon with many other interests. He has an outstanding medical-academic background and is a devoted husband and father, philanthropist, and sports fan. After over three decades in the field, orthopedic and spinal surgeon Dr. Steve has earned a stellar reputation. In addition to establishing the CRFS in Toms River, Shrewsbury, and Edison, New Jersey, he also established the Orthopedic Spine Specialists of NJ. Acute, congenital, and chronic spinal conditions are Dr. Paragioudakis' areas of expertise. Disc degeneration, disc herniation, tumors, scoliosis, infections, and sports injuries are all treated at his clinic, both surgically and non-surgically. In 2000, Dr. Paragioudakis published a clinical science report on low back pain research, which earned him the International Volvo Award for Low Back Pain Research, among other honors. He is confident that his clinic is on the cutting edge of minimally invasive surgical techniques in orthopedic spine surgery. He finds great satisfaction in helping people understand their disease and its treatment. His expertise lies in orthopedic care and spinal surgery (revision). Monmouth Medical Center, Hackensack University Medical Center, Riverview Medical Center, and Jersey Shore University Medical Center are just a few of the hospitals with which Dr. Paragioudakis is associated. To treat each patient effectively, he investigates the reason for their symptoms. Dr. Paragioudakis thinks it's crucial to teach patients about their conditions and treatment options so that they may make informed decisions about the best course of action.
Monmouth Medical Center
Shrewsbury, NJ, USA

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