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Dr. Victor Bruce MD
Medical Professional
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Dr. Victor Bruce MD

Medical Professional
Dr. Victor Bruce MD is a Concierge Medical Professional at Ayitey Medical Center (AMC). Dr. Bruce is backed by a 20+ year medical career specializing in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Family Medicine.
Ayitey Medical Center
University of Ghana Medical School
United States

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Work Experience

Concierge Medical Professional

Jan 2020 - Present
Dr. Victor Bruce MD leads Ayitey Medical Center (AMC). At his practice, Dr. Bruce specializes in providing a wide range of Concierge Medical Services with focus on Internal Medicine, General Pediatrics and Family Medicine.


Doctor of Medicine (MD)
1985 - 1991
Bachelor of Science (BS)
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
1986 - 1987
Eager to get his career up and running, Dr. Victor Bruce MD completed an intercalated Bachelor of Science Scholarship Program, which was awarded to the top students of the University of Ghana Medical School.