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Dr. Adarsh Jha is a highly esteemed endocrinologist specializing in diabetes, metabolic disorders, and other thyroid conditions. After years of dedicated service as the medical director of Gengras Primary Care Services at Saint Francis Hospital & Medical Center, he was rightfully named Fellow of Saint Francis in recognition of his hard work. Dr. Jha graduated from the Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital in the Khandavala Dynasty area in Bihar, India. Home to the majestic Raj Nagar Palace, DMCH opened its doors in 1946 with a mission to provide top-notch healthcare services while supporting significant medical research efforts. It has since forged an affiliation with Aryabhatta Knowledge University, making it one of India's premier centers for healthcare excellence. At Gengras Primary Care Services under Saint Francis Hospital & Medical Center, Dr. Jha treated various conditions affecting the endocrine system – such as diabetes, pituitary diseases, nutritional disorders, and more – along with any related menstrual/sexual issues. As one of America's oldest healthcare institutions – 100 years old and proudly Catholic – Saint Francis is one of the most reputable delivery networks for healthcare services throughout America. Dr. Jha works hard to provide patients with effective treatments for their illnesses while emphasizing preventative care through education about healthy diets and lifestyles according to each patient's condition(s). He understands that maintaining vigilance against debilitating ailments is vital to provide them with the best possible outcome from their treatments today.
Gengras Primary Care Services
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
East Hartford, CT, USA

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