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Front-End Developer
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Front-End Developer
Eager to learn new skills towards developing and problem-solving. Always perseverant to face new challenges. Having the courage to admit mistakes and learn from them quickly! Learning fast and loving to help makes me a good team player.
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National Taichung University of Science and Technology
Taipei City, Taiwan

Professional Background

  • Current status
  • Profession
    Front-end Engineer
  • Fields
    Computer Networking
  • Work experience
    2-4 years (Less than 1 year relevant)
  • Management
    I've had experience in managing 1-5 people
  • Skills
    Styled Components
  • Languages
  • Highest level of education

Job search preferences

  • Desired job type
    Interested in working remotely
  • Desired positions
    前端工程師 Front-End Developer
  • Desired work locations
    Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Freelance
    Part-time freelancer

Work Experience

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EC 前端工程師

Feb 2022 - Present
Taipei City, Taiwan
。 Participated in the creation, development, iteration, and maintenance of the PX-box project from scratch. 。 Optimized user experience by implementing lazy-loading to improve website rendering performance, while also considering anchor point calculations to ensure users can return to their previous position after clicking back, and integrating with lazy-loading. 。 Enhanced user experience by implementing "keep alive" to reduce reloading time by approximately 30% when users navigate back to related activity or home pages, and resolving anchor point misalignment caused by different system environments. 。 Added pull-to-refresh functionality in webView to enable users to keep pages alive and also refresh the original page on mobile devices. 。 In supplier system development, implemented path blocking and content display differentiation based on multiple permissions and role operations. 。 Involved in the construction process from planning to launch for multiple projects and due to my proactive and fast learning abilities, participated in multiple project support rotations and contributed to the development of multiple front-end and supplier back-end system projects. 。 Developed mainly using Vue3, Nuxt2, and Typescript, wrote E2E tests using Cypress, and utilized Component tests in the project. 。 Familiar with UI frameworks such as antd, coreUi, and element-ui. Experienced with vite, vue2, vue3, nuxt, and vitess development frameworks. EC TEAM Skills: Ant Design · Vue.js · Nuxt.js · Cypress · TypeScript

Front-End Trainee

Jul 2021 - Dec 2021
6 mos
Selected as top 10% out of over 300 applicants to join AppWorks School training program based on high potential and results-driven motivation. Co-worked with IOS developers and Back-End developers under the scrum and delivered additional features to STYLiSH based on the mentor's code. Winning the Popularity Award in the end. Built an e-commerce website STYLiSH in 3 weeks independently. Completed personal project shareMore in 5 weeks adopted Agile / Scrum for project management. Participated in fundimatial study group and sharing topics as OOP / array method / “this” key word / operators,etc.

Marketing Specialist

May 2020 - Jul 2021
1 yr 3 mos
Implemented online courses mechanism help salon operators to learn online under the epidemic, connecting hair salons in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and China, creating a record of 300 people participating online at the same time. via Zoom Meetings. Launched products abroad via e-commerce platforms, Alibaba, etc., extending local service from Taiwan, Hong Kong to Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


May 2019 - May 2020
1 yr 1 mo
Writing clear, compelling copy for various mediums (e.g. ads, blog posts, newsletters) Working with creative professionals to build marketing projects and campaigns. Excellent time-management and organizational skills, always submits the case to the customer in advance 3-5 days before the deadline. Leave extra buffer to customer.

Marketing Specialist

Aug 2018 - May 2019
10 mos
Implement marketing programs via social media and digital campaigns. Skilled in writing and editing content with attention to detail. Develop and create marketing materials, such as sales and product collateral, and ensure brand guidelines are met

Marketing Specialist

Aug 2015 - May 2018
2 yrs 10 mos
Successfully created exposure via youtube content within a limited budget. Organize a three members team and responsible for planning and hosting. [youtube back then] Within a month without any advertising cost, earn creating 260,000 views, 1454 sharing on Facebook, and board on IQIYI homepage. Incorporate the keywords into article content for optimizing SEO performance to improve search ranking on Google.

Shift Manager

Jun 2014 - Feb 2015
9 mos
8 months of internship in Singapore. After the first month of training, be promoted to be a shift manager by the district manager and was given an opportunity to participate in assistant store manager training after the internship. Responsible for inventory management, order management, daily report operations.


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Bachelor Leisure and Recreation Management
2011 - 2015

Licenses & Certifications

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