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Emmanuele Zuccarelli

Emmanuele Zuccarelli is a renowned and remarkable session musician, with both his proficient guitar and bass skills making him a highly sought-after artist. He has taken the stages of more than 40 states across the country and in countries like Australia, Germany, New Zealand, and Japan. In recent years he has mostly focused on studio work. However, he is still an accomplished mixed media artist - his work ranges from graffiti-inspired illustrations to oil paintings for clients and organizations. Zuccarelli's skill is rapidly increasing in sculpture - a creative journey fuelled by his passion for the arts. In addition to these accomplishments, he attended Oregon State University's College of Liberal Arts after completing high school, graduating with honors and setting a milestone in the path that would ultimately take him to score success as a session musician. His enthusiasm for giving back has also seen Zuccarelli dedicating significant amounts of time to assisting local non-profits in both Multnomah County and Douglas County - where he originally comes from. On top of all that ambition, Emmanuele will embark on an incredibly inspiring project come 2023: A trip overseas with an internationally celebrated musician whom he's worked with since 2005 as their go-to session drummer. It serves to remind us all just how passionate he is about music and the unique gifts that have helped secure his spot in the competitive industry - ones that will stay well into the future.
Delray Beach, Florida, USA

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