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Frank Roessler

"Frank Roessler is the founder and CEO of Ashcroft Capital, a real estate investment firm based in New York City. He is in charge of the company's long-term goals, growth strategies, and projects, as well as its daily operations. As of 2021, Ashcroft Capital had $1.3 billion in assets and 11,500 units. The company strives to give consumers with good risk-adjusted cash on cash returns while maintaining capital. With a combination of high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and institutional investors, Ashcroft is well-funded. Ashcroft specializes in value-added real estate and has a track record of increasing the value of the properties it purchases. Instead of trying to time the market, the company concentrates on buying high-quality apartment buildings in strategically located submarkets of large, fast growing US metroplexes. Frank earned a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Bucknell University and an MBA from UCLA's Anderson School of Management."
Ashcroft Capital
UCLA's Anderson School Of Management
New York, NY, USA

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    founder and CEO of Ashcroft Capital
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    New York, NY, USA
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01/2012 - Hiện tại
A real estate investment firm based in New York City.

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Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Business Administration
2017 - 2019
Mô tả
Master of Business Administration from UCLA's Anderson School of Management.
Bachelor of Science (BS)
electrical engineering
2011 - 2016
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Frank has a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from Bucknell University