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Independent Real Estate Consultant
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Gordon Sinclair

Independent Real Estate Consultant
Gordon Sinclair of Hoboken, New Jersey is a distinguished real estate professional who possesses over 20 years of experience in his industry. Having been impacted by real estate since he was just eight years old and helping his father build houses, Gordon has studied, worked in, and mastered nearly every element of the business. To learn more about this dynamic and vertically-skilled professional, be sure to visit Gordon Sinclair's website: http://gordonsinclairnewjersey.com
Morningstar Credit Ratings
Boston University Questrom School of Business
Hoboken, NJ, USA



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Senior Vice President

2019年1月 - 2019年10月
10 个月
Co-led and managed the new issuance CMBS credit ratings team in order to reposition the group within the securitization market by improving the analytical and credit analysis, which consisted of approximately twenty-five local and international employees, for conduit, SASB, and CRE CLO private and public execution.


2014年7月 - 2019年1月
4 年 7 个月
Founded and managed a commercial real estate finance and advisory firm for commercial real estate property owners and developers, which includes but is not limited to, negotiating mortgage note sales, structuring leases, sourcing debt and equity financing, reviewing appraisals, asset management consultation, and advising on future development and acquisitions, totaling more than 4.0 billion.

Vice President

2013年8月 - 2014年7月
1 年 0 个月
Assisted in the internal reboot of the CRE CLO product line, which was terminated from the 2008 financial crisis. Led in analyzing CMBS and CRE CLO’s underlying commercial real estate property’s value, loan structure and borrower’s credit, and constructed the optimized profit deal level structure for securitization, totaling more than $20.0 billion.

Vice President

2005年6月 - 2013年8月
8 年 3 个月
Analyzed conduit, fusion, large loan CMBS, and cash/synthetic CRE-CDO’s new issuance and existing transactions credit, which included evaluating the deal level structure, the loan level structure, and the underlying commercial properties value, and then recommending credit ratings to a rating committee for public and private distribution. Developed and implemented the “Q-Tools” based portfolio review within the Surveillance Group that is used twice a year, which involves running a proprietary algorithm through all Moody’s rated deals, that identifies bond classes on transactions that may qualify for an upgrade or downgrade and then proposing such findings in a rating committee that had resulted in thousands of rating actions. Co-authored four defeasance special reports that outlined the credit impact that defeased loans have on a CMBS and a CDO transaction and the insurgence of new players and trends within the defeasance market.

Real Estate Analyst-Capital Markets

2004年2月 - 2005年6月
1 年 5 个月
Assisted in analyzing and modeling the pricing, structuring, and distribution of construction, interim, mezzanine, and conduit loans for best economics of hold or sell strategy, which embrace exit strategies of syndication, securitization, and whole loan sale. Worked directly with internal treasury group to pledge over $2.0 billion of hospitality and golf properties on a revolving basis to low cost funding facilities established with banks such as CSFB, Deutsche Bank, Citibank, and Merrill Lynch. Prepared, executed and presented due diligence packages and offering letters to investors, rating agencies, and funding facilities.

Closing Coordinator

1998年10月 - 2001年3月
2 年 6 个月
Underwrote and analyzed real estate transactions.


Master of Science (MS)
Master's Degree-MBA and MS in Information Systems
- 2003