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Toledo, Ohio
Toledo, Ohio, USA

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Griffith Littlehale

May 2012 - Apr 2014
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Griffith Littlehale is a traditional Midwest Americana personality, having spent his early years and been reared in Toledo, Ohio. He attended St. Francis De Sales High School, where he graduated in 2018 with one of the top grades in his class (rank eight). He was also interested in school athletics and was named an All-American Swimmer in 2017-2018. Griffith's graduation was significant for receiving additional academic honors in addition to the regular passing and completion of classes. Griffith chose psychology as his major in college, with a special interest in clinical practice, as indicated by his current 4.0 PGA at the University of Toledo, where he is seeking a bachelor's degree in the area. Griffith's early college grades were so impressive that he was nominated for and received the President's Education Award for his first-year achievement. Griffith's academic achievements also garnered him honors from the Jesup Scott Honors College and the Kappa Psi Fraternity. Griffith's spiritual life has always been a part of his upbringing and development, so it's no surprise that the college student continues to devote time to giving back. During high school, he volunteered at local churches, helping with religious activities and feeding the needy. Apart from church work, Griffith has found opportunities to volunteer at United Way food drives and similar events, as well as seeking for additional charitable activities to perform during his school breaks or free time. As an additional skill set to his core academic concentration, Griffith has been strengthening and perfecting his design talents using various digital tools and online media. Griffith has been building a portfolio of accomplished professional projects and presentations since he first found work through school-related marketing and college gatherings. His first commissioned paintings were for a local theatrical performance and event posters for the same. Griffith also worked on the design of Thanksgiving and Christmas card artwork for a local church, as well as their logo design, as a side project. Griffith, like other college students his age, was exposed to the classics throughout his studies, which piqued his interest in liberal texts such as philosophy and poetry. Bret Easton Ellis, as well as Edgar Allen Poe's remarkable masterpieces, are among his favorite authors. Griffith has also discovered that he enjoys reading Descartes' and Oscar Wilde's works on a regular basis. While Griffith has no creative ambitions to become a writer, his studies of many of the classics have provided him with valuable insights into higher thinking and philosophy. What does Griffith Littlehale have planned for the future? Much will depend on how things progress when he completes his psychology degree. Clearly, the graduate study followed by applied clinical practice is the usual approach for the discipline. There's also organizational behavior, which is something that many businesses are paying close attention to now that diversity in the workplace has been raised to a top goal for many. The digital design side, on the other hand, is in high demand, and Griffith wants to be well-positioned to create a freelancing and, eventually, a stable alternative revenue stream in that area as well. It's never a bad idea to put your eggs in more than one basket. Beyond his education, one thing Griffith has seen is how wide and promising the world outside of Toledo, OH is. He intends to travel, see more of the globe, and immerse himself in different cultures as soon as possible. In terms of opportunities, the current world is quite global and international, as it is for many young people his age and in their 20s. Whereas his parents and classmates looked for a future locally and regionally, and certainly never outside the United States, Griffith, and his generation are looking beyond their own boundaries and understanding that there are significant prospects in other nations. If nothing else, a few years spent in a foreign nation may be a valuable learning experience as well as a refreshing change of pace from the customary road taken by previous generations. Griffith, like most others his age, is concerned about how he might get his share of the American Dream. A steady stream of media headlines about how younger generations are being priced out of the property market and other such stories remind him that his generation has far more challenges than his parents or grandparents. He does, however, point out that there are significantly more prospects for success, as well as the potential for fresh ideas and innovative niches. In comparison to a decade ago, the potential of what is possible online for his generation is enormous. Griffith sees a lot of potential in the sector, both in terms of psychology and graphic design, and he hopes to be a part of it as much as possible.


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