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Zi-Yang Hu

我是一位充滿熱情和創造力的平面設計師。除了超過五年的平面設計經驗外,還涉足品牌、行銷和出版領域。我擅長根據客戶的品味和期望來開發獨特的設計美學,無論是透過印刷材料還是數位媒體我都致力於提供視覺上引人注目的解決方案,在創作過程中不論是從零開始還是優化現有設計都找到了深深的滿足感。 我在挑戰中茁壯成長,將每一次挑戰視為成長和享受的機會。憑藉著對細節的敏銳洞察力和無限的創造力,在團隊協作和獨立工作方面都表現出色。我的雄心和創造力可以為任何團隊帶來新的想法和靈感,並為視覺傳達和品牌發展需求做出重大貢獻。 我曾在英國和澳洲生活過,遊歷19個國家,擁有廣闊的國際視野和適應能力。這些經歷拓展了我的視野,加深了對多元文化的理解和尊重,也讓我能夠從全球的角度觀察設計趨勢,從各種來源收集靈感,為作品注入獨特的國際風格。 我的好奇心和熱情也延伸到各個創意領域,包括陶瓷、時裝設計和珠寶設計,對於學習新技能並從意想不到的地方汲取靈感有著永不滿足的渴望,而對藝術的興趣也極大地影響了我的設計和概念開發方法。 Zi is a passionate and creative graphic designer with over five years of experience in graphic design, and he has also ventured into branding, marketing, and publishing. He excels at developing unique design aesthetics tailored to the tastes and expectations of his clients, whether through printed materials or digital media. he is dedicated to providing visually compelling solutions and finds deep satisfaction in both starting from scratch and enhancing existing designs throughout the creative process. He thrives in the face of challenges, viewing each one as an opportunity for growth and enjoyment. With a keen eye for detail and boundless creativity, he excels both in team collaborations and independent work. His ambition and inventiveness can bring fresh ideas and inspiration to any team, significantly contributing to the needs of visual communication and brand development. Having lived in the UK and Australia, and traveled to 19 countries, He possesses a broad international perspective and adaptability. These experiences have expanded his horizons, deepened his understanding and respect for diverse cultures, and enabled him to observe design trends from a global viewpoint, gathering inspiration from various sources to infuse his work with a distinctive international flair. His curiosity and passion extend to various creative fields, including ceramics, fashion design, and jewelry design. He has an insatiable desire to learn new skills and draw inspiration from unexpected places, and his interest in the arts has profoundly influenced his approach to design and concept development.
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