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Ian King Los Angeles
Owner and Managing Partner
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Ian King Los Angeles

Owner and Managing Partner
The horseback riding activity is fun for Ian King Los Angeles, especially when he can share it with his niece, who is eight years old. Miniature golf is another activity the pair likes to do together. He also has a strong interest in physical fitness and devotes a significant portion of his time to working out in the gym at his house and achieving his fitness objectives. In addition to these activities, Mitchell took on the responsibility of rescuing a Shepherd dog. He then spent a significant amount of time with the dog by his side, participating in various activities together. Ian King's contributions include his work with local shelters and youth centers, where he supports the homeless and young people. His volunteerism with the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission and Pasadena Homeless Shelter further underscores his dedication to positively impacting his community. Moreover, his military background has enabled him to continue his service through the American Legion and Marine Corps League. His membership in these organizations is a testament to his honorable military service and a channel through which he supports fellow veterans. In reflecting on his achievements, He is most proud of his membership in the American Bar Association (ABA), his role as a USC Alumni mentor and sponsor, and his work with the Surfer Foundation for Underserved Youth in San Diego. His involvement with the Valley Industry Commerce Association (VICA) and his overarching role as a philanthropist committed to aiding underprivileged groups are among the key accomplishments that define his character and life's work.
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California, USA

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Owner and Managing Partner

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