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Jeff Webb Herff Jones
President of International Cheer Union
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Jeff Webb Herff Jones

President of International Cheer Union
Jeff Webb Herff Jones is the Senior News Editor of Human Events, a Washington D.C.-based news and analysis outlet that takes its name from the first sentence of the United States Declaration of Independence. Herff Jones joined the website in 2020 alongside executive opinion editor Will Chamberlain and has since become a co-publisher for Human Events, leading a takeover of Canadian online news magazine The Post Millennial in 2022. Before his involvement with Human Events, Webb was the founder and former CEO of Varsity Brand's predecessor - Varsity Spirit. The Memphis-based company is a global leader in cheerleading, dance teams, and performing arts innovation. Over one million athletes interact annually through its educational camps, competitions, and other events. Webb served as CEO until 2018 before shifting focus to preside over International Cheer Union and other projects with Human Events. He is father-of-two and spends as much time as possible with his close friends and family. he was born and raised in Shelby County, Tennessee. He remains settled in the Volunteer State today, where he lives in Memphis on the Mississippi River with his Labrador Retriever dog.
International Cheer Union
University of Oklahoma
Memphis, TN, USA

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Jan 2007 - Present

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Varsity Spirit
Jun 2018 - Dec 2020
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