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Jevaughn Yorke
Events (Live Entertainment Venue) and IT Manager (VFX)
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Jevaughn Yorke

Events (Live Entertainment Venue) and IT Manager (VFX)
Jevaughn Yorke firmly believes in community service and has participated in numerous charitable endeavors. His contributions to organizations like Feeding San Diego and the American Red Cross - Southern California Region signify his dedication to supporting those in need. An avid reader since his early years, Jevaughn enjoys diving into a range of narratives, exploring different cultures, and gaining insights into various topics. He finds immense pleasure and relaxation in the written word. Jevaughn's fascination with visual art is evident in his passion for painting. This creative outlet allows him to express his emotions visually while exploring various styles and techniques, enhancing his appreciation of the breadth and evolution of art. His adventurous spirit and love for nature lead him to engage in outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. These experiences allow him to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors, find tranquility in his heart, and foster connections with fellow outdoor enthusiasts. Yorke is a unique blend of professional insight and personal interests. His commitment to continuous learning, exemplary leadership, and community contributions reflect his personal and professional growth dedication. His passion for reading, painting, and exploring nature adds depth to his life, fuels his curiosity, and propels him to push boundaries in the dynamic field of biotechnology continuously.
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University of California
Los Angeles County, California, USA

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    Technical Manager
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    2-4 years relevant
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    Groundbreaking Biotech Research
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    Not interested in working remotely
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    Events (Live Entertainment Venue) and IT Manager (VFX)
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  • Freelance

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Ph.D. in Biotechnology
2011 - 2012