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John Armitage worked for a studio in Los Angeles until 1993, when he moved to the Atlanta area. He worked as a freelancer for Quadras, Inc. During his early career, he was a full-time photographer, too In 2007, John pampered his new studio expansion. This exposure gave him the ability to partner with a wide variety of business and political clients, including Racet Petroleum, and the USOC (USOC). Aside from photos, John also provides a wide array of post-production, lighting design, and picture branding. The Armitage Studio is also provides studio room rentals and photo co-ops. John shares his opinions on photo branding and lighting techniques on social media. As a result, he continues to represent clients with top-of-of-the-the-the-line digital imagery and facilities.
John Armitage Photography
UC Fullerton

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Jan 1993 - Present
Armitage Photography has been a market leader in commercial product photography for nearly three decades. Our studio, based in Lilburn, Georgia, has worked with a diverse range of customers, from small enterprises to some of North America's largest corporations. Our founder, John Armitage, has built an impressive portfolio over the course of his career and continues to service clients in Atlanta, Lilburn, Norcross, and other places across Georgia. Armitage Photography provides a variety of customized services to our commercial clients. We specialize in bringing your visions to reality by maximizing the potential of your products. Our business product photos help you stand out from the competition by utilizing lighting and color design. Among our services are the following: From modest product and personal shoots to large-scale furniture and room layouts, our commercial photography has been featured in hundreds of print and online publications.  In order to produce excellent images, we use medium format cameras with Phase One digital backs, which provide our photographers with an unmatched level of picture control. Photo Branding - branding identifies you and your values. Our photo branding services provide a visual representation of your products. Branding enables you to establish a consistent appearance and color palette, thereby increasing your presence online and in print. Post-Production - Using cutting-edge photo editing platforms, we enhance the color, contrast, and lighting in your selected photographs. Photos can be customized to meet your specific requirements and display choices. Consultation on Photography - For almost 30 years, John Armitage has worked as a business photographer. His experience and expertise in this subject can assist you in identifying the optimal solutions for your imaging requirements. From concept to completion, our consultation services maximize the effectiveness of your marketing and branding initiatives. Product Photography - we have worked with thousands of clients across industries, including several corporate clients. Product shots are taken in their optimum light for everything from little home objects to groceries, furniture, cosmetics, and apparel.  We are capable of larger shootings, including complete room setups and outdoor locations. Our commitment to quality in all of our work enables your products to stand out in competitive marketplaces. Photographers who are just starting out may not always be able to afford their own studio space. Armitage Photography is happy to provide inexpensive studio leasing spaces to rising professionals. Our studio rentals include almost everything you need to get started - all you need is a camera.


Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Communications Photography
1985 - 1987
Armitage Photography is a preferred vendor for business clients in a variety of industries. The Norcross, Georgia-based studio specializes in commercial photography and associated services, assisting businesses in bringing their concepts to reality. The studio, founded by John Armitage, provides its clients with a variety of tailored services, including post-production, counseling, and branding. John Armitage is an Oakland, California native. After serving in the United States Army, he enrolled in the University of California, Fullerton's Communications Photography program. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 1987 and rapidly acquired a penchant for commercial product photography and branding. Internships with special-effects photographer Jack Eason shaped his career path and provided him with an in-depth grasp of lighting effects. John worked as a studio manager for a graphic design firm in Los Angeles before coming to Norcross and Lilburn in the greater Atlanta metro region. In 1993, he founded Armitage Photography. John has had the opportunity to work with corporate and business clients of various sizes since his early beginnings. Among his largest clients are Martha Stewart and the Olympic Committee of the United States As a professional photographer, John has completed thousands of assignments. His studio is equipped to handle projects of any size, from food and cosmetics commercial photos to room layouts, furniture, apparel, and human subjects. Armitage Photography has been a significant marketing partner for businesses throughout the United States because of its adaptability, vision, and command of lighting and color. One of the characteristics that distinguish John Armitage and Armitage Photography is their dedication to the next generation of commercial photographers. John has been able to provide training, space, and advice that has aided in the establishment of new artists in the competitive field of professional photography by offering studio rents and a photographic cooperative. Rentals of Armitage Photography studio space include props, a completely functional kitchen, studio space measuring 4000 square feet, stations for photography equipped with computers and editing software, and 25+ customizable walls for product photography and test shots. Armitage Photography serves the greater Atlanta area, including the cities of Lilburn and Norcross.