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John J. Bowman Jr. Accountant

John J. Bowman, Jr. Accountant is a tax law professional with well over thirty years of experience in his field. Though he primarily works out of his office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, John J. Bowman, Jr. is also active in Washington D.C. To date, he has served on a number of high-profile committees and organizations, including the prestigious Senatorial Inner Circle and the Presidential Business Commission by the United States Congress and the Honorable Thomas DeLay (TX) for Tax Relief Strategies. John J. Bowman Jr., accountant is heavily interested in making his business the best it can be; and enjoys taking on the challenge that comes with planning, defending, and litigating the most complex tax cases. Bowman & Associates is well respected, and their clients have expressed great admiration and thanks for the work that has been done. Bowman & Associates has developed a high price/high quality position, and the work done really show how this is achieved without sacrificing quality. While working on successfully civil or criminal tax disciplines, Bowman & Associates has distinguished themselves as a truly prestigious firm.
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