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Justin Halladay
Founder and President of JJ3B
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Justin Halladay

Founder and President of JJ3B
Hi - My name is Justin Halladay. I'm the founder and president of JJ3B, a cutting-edge technology education and marketing services company
New York, NY, USA

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Founder and President

Aug 2018 - Present
Justin Halladay is an accomplished entrepreneur who has worked in everything from customer support to technology. He is passionate about building his experience toward a brighter future for himself, his team, and the larger public. He first began his career in IT and the education space before moving onto companies like Morgan Stanley Dean Witter in New York City. Having worked in states across the country, including Florida, Colorado, and Pennsylvania, he has a handle on a variety of different regions and demographics. This versatility has helped him become a more effective leader and colleague. He’s built national sales teams, served as a rollout manager, and worked with software developers. His expertise has been critical in several initiatives and given him insight into how to work with different personalities, skill sets, and agendas. He has long been interested in how technology is shaping the world, and how it’s being used to reduce wasted time, alleviate frustration, and even cut back on needless suffering. Getting in on the ground floor in many ways, he’s been able to spot the patterns that ultimately predict what new developments are coming down the pipeline. He’s most interested in how software, hardware, and programs can make people more productive. Justin Halladay has set a very high standard for himself. He plans to become a billionaire, a goal that he absolutely believes is possible with enough conviction, work, and humility. At a young age, he was told to surround himself with people who were smarter than he was, and this was a piece of advice that he did not take lightly. Today, his professional and personal network is packed with people who will give him real feedback. He leans on that perspective to help him turn mere thoughts and ideas into concrete products and services. Another major component of Justin Halladay’s success is his consistency. He credits his tenacity and habits as the reasons why he got to where he is. As a family man with three children, Halladay has found that he needs to build habits in more than just his professional life. His days might be partially devoted to Zoom meetings, but he’s equally committed to spending quality time with his boys and to practicing his Christian faith. After they finish homeschooling, he uses the flexible schedule afforded by his entrepreneurial life to be there for them. He prides himself on “never missing a moment”. Justin Halladay advises all entrepreneurs to read the Bible for answers to their business questions, and this is true regardless of the person’s personal faith. The lessons that are taught in this centuries-old book are still applicable to modern-day problems. He also believes in the power of qualifying your goals, putting them in writing, and working towards them. Earning $1 billion is a measurable achievement, one that Halladay strives for every single day. Taking notes, setting reminders, celebrating milestones: these are all practices that have helped him sustain the grit you need to take on a landscape as crowded as technology. Halladay was able to find a middle point for a number of interests he had in his life, and he feels privileged to be able to follow his passion in such an exciting field. From his very first position more than 15 years ago, he’s found himself most comfortable in the technology industry. Justin Halladay didn’t graduate from college, but there’s a reason he went further than many of his formally educated counterparts. Outperforming his colleagues meant leveraging experience anywhere he could get it and then seeking specialized knowledge that would ultimately make him more efficient while on the job.


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