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COO at Alliance Education Services
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Justin Matthews Imagine Schools

COO at Alliance Education Services
Justin Matthews Imagine Schools, a prominent figure in the charter public school administration landscape, embarked on his journey in Columbus, OH, and has since established himself as a leading educational professional in Palm Harbor, FL. His transition from the heart of Ohio to Florida's vibrant culture exemplifies a change in location and a significant evolution in his professional life. As the Chief Operating Officer of Public Charter Schools, he has demonstrated an exceptional blend of educational expertise and unwavering diligence, solidifying his position as a leader in the field. His educational journey began with a pivotal step at the University of Florida, where he earned his Master's in Educational Leadership. This accomplishment marked the inception of a career dedicated to public education. His early years as an elementary school teacher and a member of the leadership team laid a solid foundation for his future endeavors. These roles gave him a comprehensive understanding of educational systems and the nuanced complexities of various stakeholders, shaping his ability to manage school development and operations effectively, with a consistent focus on student-first policies. His career progression is a testament to his commitment and professionalism. Over the past twenty-four years, he has held various roles, evolving from Assistant Principal to Director of Safety, Founding K-12 Principal, and Regional Director. He eventually became Chief of Operations and CEO of a non-profit Charter Support Organization. His tenure as COO is marked by notable achievements and contributions to Southeastern public schools, reflecting his expertise and dedicated work ethic. His contributions to the field of education have been widely recognized. Early in his career, he was honored for his excellence in school leadership, most notably with the National Innovation Principal of the Year award in 2010. This accolade was a nod to his unique blend of professional diligence and creative problem-solving skills. Under his leadership, schools have consistently won national awards for their academic achievements, parent choice, school culture, and operations, further cementing his reputation as a leader in the educational sector. His impact extends to significant infrastructural developments in the charter school sector. Justin Matthews Imagine Schools was crucial in constructing over three million square feet of charter school facilities, including classrooms, cafeterias, sports fields, gymnasiums, and playgrounds. These projects, valued at over three hundred million dollars, highlight his acumen in securing financing and managing large-scale educational developments.
Alliance Education Services
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