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Product Manager
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WeiPin Chen

Product Manager
Results-oriented Product Manager with 2.5 years of experience at Frontier.cool, specializing in product development, strategy, and cross-functional leadership. Driving successful product launches and enhancing user experiences through innovative solutions. Skilled in leveraging market insights and fostering collaboration to achieve impactful outcomes. I am deeply passionate about technology and believe it can drive productivity and change behaviors. My mission as a product manager is to harness this potential, leveraging my tech knowledge and expertise to create meaningful impact and drive positive change.
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華梵大學 Huafan University
Taipei, Taiwan

Professional Background

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    Ready to interview
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    Project / Product Management
    Project Manager
  • Fields
    Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
    SaaS / Cloud Services
  • Work experience
    10-15 years (6-10 years relevant)
  • Management
    I've had experience in managing 5-10 people
  • Skills
    Project Management
    International Trade
    Supply Chain Management
    Product Lifecycle Management
    Product Design
    Product Strategy
    Problem Solving
    Cross-functional Team Leadership
    Analytical Skills
    Project Planning
    Problem Solving Skills
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    Native or Bilingual
  • Highest level of education

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    Interested in working remotely
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    Taipei, Taiwan
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Work Experience

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Product Manager

Dec 2021 - Present
Taipei City, Taiwan
Product Development and Management: - Contributions to product strategies and roadmaps by deeply understanding user needs and market trends, resulting in impactful outcomes. - Accomplished the essential functionalities of the SaaS Platform, including: * Implemented Subscribe Machine feature and subscription management processes. * Designed a tailored collaboration process. * Developed a robust communication management system. * Enhanced platform structure for improved flexibility and integration capabilities. - Led groundbreaking mobile application development, increasing customer base by 50%. - Developed software plugin for industrial users, Increasing design efficiency by 90%. - Enhancing 3D material quality and AI capability, elevating the platform's functionality for diverse use cases. - Executed data-driven product integration, enabling insightful data visualization for informed decision-making. Team Management & Mentorship: - Led cross-functional teams, implemented agile methodologies, navigated challenges and leveraging team strengths to achieve project milestones. - Demonstrated prioritization skills, effectively managing project timelines and resources to ensure project delivery. - Fostered cross-functional coordination by facilitating open communication channels and proactively managing stakeholder expectations. - By nurturing talent and providing guidance, facilitated the professional growth of team members and contributed to a strong, cohesive team dynamic.
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Digital transformation consultant

Jun 2021 - Dec 2021
7 mos
Taipei City, Taiwan
Formulated and delivered tailored digital transformation implementation plans for clients, showcasing a profound understanding of client needs and industry trends. Key Achievements: - Established a client analysis mechanism to curate an effective client list aligned with business execution and company strategy. - Successfully secured contracts with three clients, with one emerging as a paradigmatic case for the company.
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Business Manager

Apr 2016 - May 2021
5 yrs 2 mos
- Managed end-to-end production operations, overseeing customer demand, negotiating requirements, sourcing materials, procuring raw materials, managing the supply chain, and coordinating shipping activities - Implemented digital transformation initiatives to enhance operational efficiency, streamline processes, and optimize overall business performance.
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Sep 2014 - Apr 2016
1 yr 8 mos
- Responsible for the maintenance and optimization of websites and mobile applications. - Collaborated with Product Managers and UI designers to develop subscription email templates, contributing to an enhanced user experience.
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Jun 2012 - Aug 2014
2 yrs 3 mos
Focused on functional, performance, usability, and compatibility testing. Created and executed testing plans, scenarios, and cases for mobile sites and applications.
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Oct 2008 - Sep 2011
3 yrs 0 mos
- Researching image processing and image tracking. - Collaborating with Pegatron mobile departments on location-based mobile research. - Collaborated with Chang Gung Hospital and ITRI on image tracking and image detection research, enabling patients to undergo physical therapy through games


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Master’s Degree
Management Information System
2009 - 2012
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Bachelor’s Degree
Management Information System
2006 - 2009