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Digital Project Manager @ ASUSTeK Computer (Taipei)
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Digital Project Manager @ ASUSTeK Computer (Taipei)
a self-motivator who has 6+ years of project coordination, business schedule planning, solid internal&external communication experience, partnership/account management, payment and logistic implementation, multi-project delivery, cross-function/HQ-Local office cooperation, performance analysis, market research and channel development experience. Holding a Master’s degree from Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) from the University of Warwick in the UK, a Bachelor’s degree in Information Management, spent several years serving in large enterprises and plenty of solid experience working with worldwide internal/external/ stakeholders, I find myself is fitting well in project management and business planning tasks; always passionate about engaging people and willing to improve performance and effectiveness through unstop learning/analysis, able to work both independently and as a team. I’m ready to embrace all the new technology and business trends, also is always willing to take on any challenges.
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ASUSTeK Computer (Taipei)
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University of Warwick
Taipei City, Taiwan

Professional Background

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    4-6 years
  • Management
  • Skills
    Google Analytics
    Facebook Marketing
    Content Strategy
    Agency Management
    Digital Marketing
    Market Research
    Design Thinking
    wechat marketing
    Paid Media
    Partnership Development
    Web Analytics
    campaign development & management
    Channel Management
    KOL Management
    Blogger Relations
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    Interested in working remotely
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    digital marketing manager
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Work Experience

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Digital Project Manager

Apr 2019 - Present
•ASUS Official Website & Online Store Projects, Own-Channel Marketing Tools Go-to-Market Strategy Delivery and Monitoring. •Cross-border e-Commerce site and Business Model Development, Project Owner. •Store Traffic Analysis System Project Delivery Owner. •Online-to-Offline Business Model Development and System Integration. •DemoHub System Implementation (Cloud-based&Centralized Marketing Content Dispatcher for Demonstration Devices in-store) •Connected Services integration for the business, such as Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Real User Monitoring (RUM) system. •Own-Channel Marketing (OCM) Tools Optimization (EDM, Campaign Site, Push Messages) •Technical Support for all Local Offices in E.EU & META regions. •KEY ACCOMPLISHMENT:(1) OCM usage increased 112%; (2) Increase company O2O monthly revenue +14.5% (around +11M, 2020 vs 2021); (3) Convince local office to implement Demohub and Store Traffic Analysis System in 10+ countries; (4) Delivered the ASUS IoT e-shop, with payment/delivery function integrated; (5) Delivered 20+ new official websites with EC function integrated, still growing; (6) Implement RUM&APM to improve website performance.
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Digital Tourism Executive (fixed-term contract)

Feb 2018 - Jan 2019
1 yr 0 mos
•The leading designer outlet with 24 centers in 9 countries across Europe and N. America. •Managing digital channels, marketing campaigns and business partners in Asian and Russian source markets to drive center footfall: •€1.2M Budget allocation for media buying, market research, partnership projects, advertising, PR, social media and ad-hoc tasks. •Performance analyzing-defining and tracking the KPIs/ROIs of campaigns, analyzing customer funnel and growth metrics, conducting market research, insight and reporting. •Partnership projects (mainly OTA or media)-establishing partnerships with online traveling applications like 點評; tour operators, banks, or other businesses for joint promotion and advertising projects, business development, pitching and proposing. •International agencies management (China, S. Korea, Russia, SEA)-Contract negotiation, localized marketing campaign cooperation, performance review, business development. •Marketing operation-Webpage develop, marketing calendar, budgeting and invoicing. •PR coordination-working with KOLs, local influencers, bloggers for fam trip, live streaming broadcast, images and video shooting, and editorial projects. •Social media management-managing Facebook fan page, Wechat OA and Weibo account, for content creation, and campaign planning/execution. •Digital acquisition (Paid/Owned media, PPC projects, Paid Search activities). •KEY ACCOMPLISHMENT: (1) O2O conversion Increased 649%, YoY (2) Website Traffic Increased 32.2% (242,403→320,433, YoY) (3) Activate New Channels: OTA, live stream, WeChat, Magazines, Review sites.
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Digital Marketing Executive

Apr 2014 - Mar 2016
2 yrs 0 mos
•Responsible for (1) data-driven marketing: website performance, UI/UX, and customer prole analysis (2) digital strategy project team leader, digital platform management. •Skill Set: A/B Testing, UI/UX research, Google Analytics, Facebook Insight, CMS, HTML, Tableau, WordPress, website, e-mail and social media marketing management. •Leader of project team ‘Digital marketing optimization,’ focused on applying innovative ideas or techniques to optimize the performance of digital channels, or designing marketing campaigns. Host meetings, create weekly analysis reports and present to senior managers or stakeholders. •Analyzed and improve company’s official and campaign websites, metrics including bounce rate, conversion rate, demographics, traffic sources, or other custom reports. •Managed official Facebook fan page which has over 620,000 fans, including content creation, CRM, event planning and execution, and performance reviewing and analysis. •KEY ACHIEVEMENT: (1) Advised the company to focus on user experience, helped to implement customer experience management software from IBM and Oracle. The official site monthly visitors increased over 50,000 through marketing campaigns and UX optimization. (2) Planning, optimizing and managing company’s digital platforms, the customer satisfaction of the company’s online platform exceeded 95%, was the highest record of business history (surveyed by Ipsos).
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Digital Marketing Executive

Sep 2012 - Oct 2013
1 yr 2 mos
•Collaborate with Alibaba and Tencent group for virtual cash flow services. •Responsible for mobile marketing design and execute, banking app function design. •Managed the WeChat official account, responsible for function planning, CRM and event coordinating. •Developed the m-coupon business model inside the firm’s app, became the first bank that created the joint promotion with company’s business partners, using iOS Passbook (now renamed ‘Wallet’) to provide coupons to general customers. •KEY ACHIEVEMENT: Planned and ran several O2O activities, increased the download amount of the company’s banking App up to 400,000 in one year, also combined banking services with digital technologies, contributing to the company’s online banking services.


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Master of Science (MS)
e-Business Management
2016 - 2017
Activities and societies
Taiwanese Society - Event Coordinator
Marked Distinction in dissertation
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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Information Management
2007 - 2011
Activities and societies
Member of Department's Student Representative. Head of Academic Activity Section, Student Association of the Department.