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During I was study at the university, Taiwan was at the peak of electric foundry. I decided to learn the firmware development as my future ambition. In the senior year, I was lucky to get in touch with the beginning stage of DVR and started the career of image processing. From PC base, standalone, NVR to IPCAM. The compression format from M-JPEG, MPEG, MPEG4 to H.264. But due to the low-cost competition from mainland and 2008 financial tsunami, I decided to change the direction of career at the same year. Then I got in touch the Smart Grid industry in the fate and it was growing up slowly. I Joined the Taipower AMI system, Distribution automation system and micro-grid system in this period. I developed the energy management system based on the IOT concept and excepted to collect the big data to learn AI model such as load forecasting and demand response. In the future, I will continue to look forward this goal.
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