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Advantages that are better than others (maybe): ●A little more integrity ●Think more horizontally ●A little more patience I have been working in the software industry more than 10 years, and my experience includes program development(10 years), system analysis(5 years), and system architecture(4 years). In the early stage, the project client industries were mainly concentrated in the financial industry, with government-owned banks for the majority; in the middle and later stages, clients were more dispersed, including finance, manufacturing, services, government agencies, etc. Currently living in Tainan, Taiwan, spending time with my family. If the work location is outside of Tainan and Kaohsiung, the work type tends to be fully remote. My previous work was fully remote at Shengsen Cloud Technology Company, with the title of System Architect. Because of the fully remote, my role in the project does not require direct contact with the customer's system architecture SD and program development PG.
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