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Conductor @ Forbole Limited
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Kwun Yeung

Conductor @ Forbole Limited
Kwun is the Conductor of Forbole. He fell in love with the Blockchain technology after studying how this can benefit to communities over the Internet. He then cofounded Forbole in 2017 aiming to utilize Blockchain to convert user engagements into digital assets. He is also enthusiastic on Proof-of-Stake consensus networks with great interests in technologies like Cosmos, Polkadot, Solana, etc. He is an advocate in digital transformation through the use of information technology and interactive user experience design. Kwun is now a Senior Advisor of Creativeworks to give advice and guidance in design & digital strategy. Kwun is also an Adjunct lecturer at The University of Hong Kong (“HKU”). He teaches digital marketing courses in the School of Professional And Continuing Education of HKU. Kwun was graduated from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology with a BEng in Computer Engineering, and The University of Edinburgh with an MSc in Design & Digital Media. Kwun speaks native Cantonese, fluent English, Mandarin and Teochew dialect. He is a food, music and Batman lover. ♥
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2017年10月 - 现在


Master of Science (MS)
Design & Digital Media
2003 - 2004