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Laura Haber
President at Claims Master, Inc.
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Laura Haber

President at Claims Master, Inc.
Laura Haber has decades of expertise in the insurance industry as a general contractor and claims adjustor. Haber is now President of Claims Master, Inc. in Colorado, where she creates sophisticated, unique estimates with the most up-to-date, accurate software tools. Haber specializes in commercial, residential, and general liability claims, as well as farm, agricultural, and building fault claims, as well as dispute resolution. She has been working in the profession for almost two decades. Haber has worked in the insurance industry for most of his career. She is a seasoned professional who has handled even the most difficult issues. Haber specializes in residential, commercial, and disputed claims as President of Claims Master, Inc. Conifer, Colorado, is a small town in Central Colorado, just outside of Denver. Haber and her staff are now able to serve the entire state from one location.
Conifer, Colorado, USA



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