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Over 20 years of design and integration experience in the battery and power management system, 10 years of R&D experience, 5 years of hardware and software design experience in battery management system, 5 years of IoT platform. The products included boat, UPS, energy storage module, power bank, electric car, electric motorcycle, forklift, military storage vest, solar system. 2. Proficient in design and analysis of lithium battery protection system (Battery Management System) includes not only dissipate and non-dissipate balance system , but also battery protection and control system. In addition, exceptional design and research talent in State of Charge (SOC), state of Health (SOH), state, of function (SOF), had applied for 3 patents on them. 3. Good R & D capabilities with excellent data aggregation, experimental analysis, debugging and logical circuit design, have been successfully developed and took out a patent US8076858 on correction system of LED light intensity. Good technology transfer ability in transferring design prototype into the production. 4. Co-developed an electronic product - music boom box with a great industrial design team which won the German IF, Red Dot team, and also led mass production. 5. Strong organizing and project management skills, hard-working individual, accomplish goals and objectives also to meet project schedule, well perform under pressure. 6. Dedicated, agile, Work well either in team or individually with good coordination / communication / intercommunication skills to work at all levels of the organization. 7. Good adaptability to internal processes and corporate culture in a very short time
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國立台灣科技大學 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Taipei, 台灣

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    Electronics Engineer
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    Electrónica de consumo
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    Más de 15 años (Más de 15 años relevante)
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    I've had experience in managing 15+ people
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    OrCAD Capture CIS
    Altium Designer
    keil c
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    Interesado en trabajar a distancia
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    Taipei City, Taiwan
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    Trabajador autónomo a tiempo parcial

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A tiempo completo
ago 2012 - jun 2014
1 yr 11 mos
Taipei City, Taiwan
1. 規劃儲能系統高功率電池組實驗室與生產線 2. 研發專用BMS, BCM, PCM 綠能儲能用系統 3. 管理移動電源量產專案,範圍、時間、成本,內部流程協調控管,每月50K以上出貨量
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A tiempo completo
jun 2011 - jun 2012
1 yr 1 mo
New Taipei City, Taiwan
硬體工程研發主管管理4人以下 主要負責電池組相關設計: 工業用2.5頓堆高機20KWH純鋰電池組系統研發設, UPS-2KW純鋰電池組備用不斷電電源系統,主要針對日本客戶規格設計。 24KWH備用電源電池組,個通訊交換站,電力公司等系統專用。 消費性產品:3000~8000mAH容量高階行動電源產品,new ipad,BC1.2 design in。
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abr 2006 - abr 2010
4 yrs 1 mo
Taipei City, Taiwan
Duties: ● In Charge of product development and hardware design ● Responsible for hardware functional verification in product developing stage ● Writing functional verification relevant technical documents. ● Assisting in transferring prototype into the production. ● Assisting in safety certifications application. Achievements: ● The system integrated with the MP3 audio internal speaker, Amplifier, Wireless Module, Power, certification, safety and quality.The first case to mass production. ● R & D power management design, including LED general lighting , 3 LED related patent (US8076858) contribution to the company. ● R & D design of hand held solar battery charger. ● Cooperated with ship industry to develop high-power 27KWH electric boat which system integrate with battery management design, ship safety monitoring, power control system. The main job contribution is to manage all the configuration of system planning, wiring diagrams, and electrical distribution systems. This operating system service in Kaohsiung.


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Bachelor’s Degree
1998 - 2002