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Human Resources

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Human Resources
My passion is helping people unlock their potential through strategic career moves. You need to be impactful, strategic, nimble, innovative and passionate for creating and driving HR, Recruiting and Diversity initiatives and agendas to results.
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街口支付 JKOPay
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National Tsing Hua University
Taipei City, Taiwan



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Human Resources

2023年9月 - 現在

Sr. Recruiting& Staffing Specialist

2023年3月 - 2023年9月
7 個月
Taipei Metropolitan Area, 台灣
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Human Resources

2021年2月 - 2023年3月
2 年 2 個月
Taiwan AI Labs (AILabs.tw) is a privately funded research organization based in Taipei. We expect artificial intelligence to have major and transformative impacts on the landscape of technology, and our goal is to leverage unique advantages in Taiwan to build AI solutions to solve the world’s problems. 台灣人工智慧實驗室的使命是整合人工智能專業知識和來自世界各地學術界以及公共和私營部門的資源,在台灣推進人工智能,面向全世界。(https://www.ailabs.tw/) - Full-Function - Work with CEO and BU head to create the strategic methods of recruiting technical talent. - As a technical recruiter, I source and hire various technical roles including Software Development Engineers, iOS/Android Developers, Technical Program Managers, QA Engineers, Software Developers in Test, and Business Intelligence Engineers. I use platforms like LinkedIn, 104, Yourator, CakeResume, Glassdoor, Facebook, and more for candidate engagement.

Human Resources

2019年9月 - 2020年12月
1 年 4 個月
電商 - Full-Function


2018年1月 - 2020年6月
2 年 6 個月
Eye Envy distributor in Taiwan https://www.eyeenvy.com/ Eye Envy is the ultimate in tear stain removal systems. Externally applied, this safe, non-irritating and effective cleanser removes unsightly stains and inhibits dark staining production. This safe and reliable formula may also be applied to your pet to eliminate most feet and mouth/beard stains.
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Consultant Internship

2018年2月 - 2018年7月
6 個月
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Human Resources Recruiter

2016年7月 - 2017年7月
1 年 1 個月

Freelance Columnist

2009年1月 - 2012年1月
3 年 1 個月


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Master’s Degree
2015 - 2018
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Institute of Technology Management
2016 - 2017
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Bachelor’s Degree
School of Law
2010 - 2015
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Bachelor’s Degree
Department of Sociology
2010 - 2015
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Summer Exchange Program
2013 - 2013
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Exchange Program
2012 - 2012