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Overseas Business Development/Planning
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Overseas Business Development/Planning
My name is GuangYan "Link" Nie, a generalist that lives up to name by being the missing link to the success of my previous positions. Born in Taiwan, raised in America, and worked in Tokyo. I can adapt and "alt-tab" my mindset as the environment requires. This allows me to communicate with people of different backgrounds on an appropriate and personal level. Filled with curiosity and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, I always question and search for inspiration in my surroundings. At the age of 20, I started investing in the stock market and tutoring English while attending school. With the money I saved, I opened a Taiwanese-American fusion restaurant as a hobby. During my employment in Japan, I was in charge of Planning, Marketing, and Overseas Business Development (BD). I started as a sales in Journal Standard and was quickly promoted to the headquarter within 10 months. With a keen sense of business acumen, my proposal was selected as the winner out of 300 entries. With high expectations, the company allowed me to oversee the “machi machi” project as its project leader. As a project leader, I dealt with end-to-end services which required me to become acquainted with all the necessary components of a successful project. Things such as store design, visual design, contract formulation, logistics, import/export, PR, marketing, data analysis, budget management, overseas liaison, and most importantly, time management. During my time as a project leader, I had to make sure everything went smoothly and timely. All the deadlines had to be met and resources had to be allocated to where they are needed. During my time overseeing machi machi Japan, we were able to recover the initial cost within three months. With my trilingual capability and network, I was able to lower the operation cost by 75%. Through communication, I was able to maintain a healthy relationship with our franchisor, which resulted in an extremely favorable contract. Soon after its inception, machi machi became one of the most profitable brands within our corporate. We aggressively campaigned through social media (IG, FB, Twitter), television networks (Asahi, Matsuko, Sukkiri), radio (J-wave, Tokyo FM) and print media (Nikkei), and even convinced Jay Chou to collaborate with us by having his music video shot at our venue. Once the brand stabilized, I was transferred to the Overseas Business Development section, as the company hopes to utilize my talent in the overseas market. As soon as I arrived at the new section, I quickly reviewed and revamped our existing operation manuals and business projection in hopes of elevating our profit. I made our original brands franchise-friendly while exploring a new logistical route for export/import which saved the company over 4 million yen. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, I have retreated to Taiwan to ensure my own safety. As the future market ecosystem remain unstable, all the corporates are still trying to figure out what is next. In my opinion, Data Analysis and EC will become more imperative in the future market and I believe with my experience, I will be able to help my future employer thrive. 您好,我的名字叫聶光彥。 出生於台北,在美國加州留學12年,在日本讀書就業5年。 從學生時代就開始參與學生會跟體育校隊等等的團體活動,並在高中時期開始選修大學程度的課程挑戰自己。 由於家庭背景的因素也讓我擁有創業跟挑戰的精神去嘗試不同的事務。 在大學二年級的時候返台,就讀國立台北科技大學並成為全台第一位以主席的身份參加紐約模擬聯合國的安理會。 為了增進自己的經驗跟能力,也在當兵之前經營了自己的複合式餐廳Link's Kitchen。 因對於日本文化跟潮流持有興趣的關係,在退伍後到了東京的早稻田大學進修日文也在文化服裝學院取得服裝設計的文憑。 畢業後就到日本知名集團Baycrew's以銷售員的身份就業,並在10個月的時間被升遷到本部做企劃跟行銷。 在本部的提案通過後,爭取到代理知名手搖飲料品牌machi machi到日本的機會,以及以一條龍的專案管理者身份承辦了整個project。 擁有多國語言跟人脈的優勢也讓整個企劃案的營運成本減低了75%,凸顯了海外資源的重要性。 整個企劃案不但在短短的3個月內回本,也爭取到了上藝人Matsuko的節目,Nikkei報紙,還有說服周杰倫一起合作拍攝MV。 由於表現優異又在半年內調動到海外事業開發部,把我的能力發揮在多種品牌上。 因為一直是以BD的身份在工作,所以從零到尾的事情都得承辦跟管理。 簡單的區分別為下: 店鋪設計,周邊設計,行銷,推銷,合約,後勤,PR,銷售數據分析,開發,EC,物流,以及時間管控。 把一個專案從零做到有必須要有一個多元化的團隊,但是因為大家的部門跟專業都不同必須要有一個核心角色來做協調跟管理。 畢竟是得看的最多的角色,在專案上軌後的疑難雜症跟後續也必須做追踪跟臨機應變的處理。 我的工作能力跟學習能力都很強,每到一個新的環境都能夠在短期的時間內適應並且活躍。 因為溝通能力強,我也能夠承辦對應世界各國的窗口,以及維持友好的合作關係。 好奇心旺盛的我也會不斷的為自己所承辦的工作不斷尋找更有效率的執行方式。 對於未來趨勢的想法,我覺得EC跟數據分析會成為很多企業的關注,我也希望能夠把我的經驗跟才能貢獻給貴公司共同創造更好的業績。 ニエ ガンヤンと申します。 台湾で生まれ、アメリカで育ちました。12年間アメリカで生活した後、日本で就職しました。 学生時代はずっと生徒会に参加したりとアメリカンフットボールを中心にスポーツ系の部活動に励んでいました。それらの活動からコミュニケーション能力や協調性に欠かせないチームワーク精神を育んできました。幼少期から台湾やアメリカ、日本を行き来し生活してきた為新しい環境に適応することも非常に得意です。 新しい事にチャレンジする事がとても好きで、アルバイトパートナーや正社員、実際に企業をするなど経験を豊富に積んできました。 以前の職場では販売、企画、マーケティング、と海外事業開発を担当しました。 常に新しいものを産み出さなければならないゼロイチと戦略を考えディールを行うBD部門を担当しており、様々な分野においての幅広い知識と理解、細やかな時間管理スキルが必要とされるため。またプロジェクトリーダーも務めブランディング監督を行い、あらゆるプロセスが期限通りに進むように指示出しや手配を行いました。行ってきた業務内容例としては、店舗デザイン、ビジュアルコーディネーション、PR、EC、ロジスティクス、契約編集、セールス数字管理・分析、スケジュール管理などが挙げれます。会社に提案したブランドは海外のリソースを活用することで運営コストを75%削減し三か月間以内で利益を出すことが出来ました。 私の一番の強みはコミュニケーション能力と時間管理、数字分析、提案力です。また常に求められたリクエストは期待以上の結果を出すように努め達成してきた為、顧客や上長の信頼を勝ち取ってきました。様々な国の文化を理解できるため、海外との取引ももかなり得意です。 今までの経験とノーハウを貢献していきたいと考えています。
West Vesey
Bunka Fashion College
Taipei, Taiwan

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    Business Development
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    I've had experience in managing 15+ people
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    Google Analytics
    Data Analysis
    Business Development
    Project Management
    Social Media Marketing
    Marketing Strategy
    Public Relations
    Leadership + Management
    Event Planning
    Copywriting and Editing
    Press Releases
    Team Building
    HR Strategy
    Food & Beverage
    Fashion Design
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    Business Development Project Management
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    Part-time freelancer

Work Experience

End-to-End Service(CSM/BD/Consultant)

Oct 2020 - Present
•Acted as CSM for SaaS products such as Press Hunt and Investor Scout and reduced payment disputes by 100%. •Help launched Investor Scout on AppSumo and acted as Community Manager for the Q&As. •Written and edited press releases for clients in different verticals to assist them with getting placements on different media outlets. (Press Hunt) •Conducted demo sessions with clients from over the world, benchmarking at an 80% conversion rate. (Press Hunt/Investor Scout) •Hosted online webinars, featuring PR veterans on how to better use our product, as well as providing best practice information to our customers. •Systematically reached out to existing customers for better user experience and lower churn rate. •Provided solutions to customers while aggregated feedbacks and complaints to populate the product roadmap. •Assisted in the decision-making of MVP development and execution. •Utilized automation tools to enhance the funneling of customers and boost website traffic to boost sales. •Maintained and updated our CRM database with the help of automation frameworks. •Hired Taiwanese talents on behalf of the company and acted as Taiwanese manager.

Partner/Publishing Manager/Community Outreach

Oct 2019 - Present
•Developed strategies to garner potential audience and to gain traction via social media network and message boards. •Analyzed and fine-tuned empirical data used within the game to make sure it is balanced and enjoyable. •Managed project workflow and time table to ensure the project is progressing in a timely manner. •Strategic planning for launching and publishing.

Gross Consultant/Business Development (Japan)

Jul 2020 - Sep 2020
3 mos
•Surveyed potential clients in Japan and aggregated all of their information into the internal CRM system. •Formulated personalized reach-out campaigns and pitched suitable products to potential clients via email and telephone. •Cross referenced existing Japanese client subsidiaries operating outside of Japan for an angle of approach. •Reached out to Japanese corporates of different tiers to survey their pain points pertaining to SaaS and extrapolate a plausible trend in order to accurately approach the Japanese market in the future.

Project Leader/Marketing/Overseas BD

Mar 2017 - May 2020
3 yrs 3 mos
• End-to-end service. (Planning, Marketing, Store Design, Visual Coordination, PR, Data Analysis, Sales Figure Management/Analysis, EC, Product Development, Overseas Liaison, Export/Import, Logistical Support) •Brought “machi machi,” a teashop brand owned by Jay Chou, to Japan as a franchisee. •Oversaw the “machi machi” brand as Planning and dealt with contractual negotiation, which saved the company over 8.3 million NTD in licensing fee. •Reduced the base cost of operation by importing ingredients from China and Taiwan, which allowed the company to operate on 25% of its original base cost projection. •Sought out factories from Taiwan and China to produce novelty goods and packaging that are required by our food and beverage brands, lowering the base cost by 75%. •Worked in the Overseas Development and acted as the liaison between franchisors including Eggslut, Luke’s Lobster, Franze & Evans, and machi machi. •Researched and co-planned a method of importation which allowed tax circumvention, reducing the importation tax from 4 million yen to 0 yen, per container of seafood importation. •Communicated with the window of various oversea brands to establish a database in which the company could monitor and analyze sales figures, which would help with future plans of action. •Worked on various seasonal menu project, which would require the understanding of Japanese market and inbounding foreign market, and created seasonal items would cater to the needs of customers. •Systemized a recipe database, which includes operation manual and SOP, for our soufflé pancake brand “Flipper’s.” •Approached a China based media company, iqiyi, about a potential collaboration which resulted in Chris Wu and Angelababy dining at our restaurant Yamawarau. •Planned and proposed a music video shoot with Jay Chou, boosting the public image of our company amongst the Chinese demographic. •Worked with oversea publisher, Sendpoint, to include information of our company brands within their guidebook. (Has yet to be published)

Fashion Advisor

May 2016 - Mar 2017
11 mos
•Worked as a fashion advisor at the Journal Standard store in Omotesando. •Formulated inbound strategies to help the store garner more foreign customers. •Trained the staff to provide service in English and Chinese. •Provided customers with the most recent trend information and recommended fashion coordination. •Inventory management.


Oct 2013 - Oct 2014
1 yr 1 mo
•Conscription Service at 73, Zhong Li. •Political Warfare, Private. •Can operate military-grade vehicles. •Capable of operating semi-automated rifles, telecommunication devices, and warfare equipment.


Jun 2011 - Feb 2013
1 yr 9 mos
•Owned, maintained, renovated, decorated, furnished, and managed an Asian fusion restaurant in Taipei City. •Managed restaurant inventory on a weekly basis to minimize costs. •Monitored kitchen workflow and counter services. •Managing marketing and advertising for the restaurant. •Provided hospitality services and customer relationship management. •Trained employees in day-to-day operations and hosted hospitality workshops. •Hosted events for companies in the neighborhood such as E.Sun Bank, Manulife, and local small businesses.


Jun 2011 - Feb 2012
9 mos
•Planned major events such as St. Andrews Ball and charity gatherings at major hotels and country clubs. •Arranged company information in alphabetical and numerical orders as well as updated their yearly membership status. •Undertook as an interpreter, usher, event organizer for events hosted by the BCCT. •Promoted events to an exclusive group of BCCT members.


Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)
Fashion Design
2016 - 2018
Activities and societies
Associate Student Body Sumire Association Representative
Fashion Design oriented program that included pattern-making, draping, cutting, sewing, stitching, and runway planning.
2015 - 2016
Activities and societies
Niji-no-kai Enji Yama-no-kai Barbell Club ICC
Second language acquisition for Japanese.
Bachelor of Arts (BA)
English Department
2010 - 2013
Activities and societies
NMUN Associate Student Body
High School Diploma
2006 - 2009
Activities and societies
Associated Student Body Football, Badminton, Wrestling.

Licenses & Certifications

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