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Louis Lee
Sales Manager
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Louis Lee

Sales Manager
I have been in the machinery-related industry for more than 10 years. I have experience in mechanical structure to software processing. I have assisted many customers in solving problems in processing solutions. In terms of business sales, I have assisted the company to achieve peak performance. I hope I can try more new things.
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OPEN MIND Technologies 台灣分公司
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國立勤益科技大學 National Chin Yi University of Technology

Professional Background

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    Customer Service / Support
    Account Manager
    Sales Engineer
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    Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
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    More than 15 years (More than 15 years relevant)
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    I've had experience in managing 1-5 people
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    Microsoft Office
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    Interested in working remotely
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    Full-time freelancer

Work Experience

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Sales Manager

Jul 2010 - Apr 2022
11 yrs 10 mos
From 2010 to 2016, I worked as an engineer for 6 years. After I joined the company, I received technical education and training from the original factory in Taiwan and Germany, which allowed me to quickly get started with the company's products. When I was an engineer, I was responsible for customer education and training, assisting business Dmeo products, after-sales service and Work project service. 2017-2022 The company gave me a new position and started my business life. In the three years from 2017 to 2019, he was responsible for the maintenance and purchase of existing customers in Taiwan. In the first year of 2017, he moved to the business and set a record of breaking the performance ceiling. In 2018 and 2019, the performance continued to improve, and the annual YOY growth rate was 5-8%. 2020-2022/3 I returned to the first-level theater in the central region to develop new customers. In 2020, I encountered COVID-19. The performance of the year was the same as the company's set goals. In 2021, I failed to achieve the company's goals for the first time. I feel very owed and guilty to the team. But it quickly adjusted its pace and the first quarter of 2022 was successfully met. During my time at OPENMIND, the gradual growth and growth under the training of engineering and business positions brought me a sense of accomplishment in my career. After being familiar with the operation of the Taiwan market, I can further challenge myself to enter other fields and explore different opportunities and learning spaces. Therefore, I am actively looking for new challenges and hope that I can achieve career success again in the new environment and challenges.
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Jul 2009 - Jul 2010
1 yr 1 mo
Because of my interest in new things, I left my previous job and came to the Precision Machinery Research Development Center (PMC), where I received five-axis talent training from PMC, and received machine tool discipline concepts and basic controller operations in the first half of the year, such as: machine tool accuracy and Accuracy concepts, quality control concepts, graphics and machining symbols, basic operation of HEIDENHAIN and SIEMENS controllers...etc. In the next six months, I transferred to the CAD/CAM application processing group, using UG, PowerSHAPE for CAD, PowerMILL and hyperMILL for CAM, and using measurement technology and CAD/CAM software under the study of PMC, hoping to become an application engineer.


Nov 2007 - Apr 2009
1 yr 6 mos
My first job in the society allowed me to learn a lot of skills in the workplace. I just joined the company as a finished product tester for half a year and then transferred to the biotechnology department for half a year. I became familiar with the machine manufacturing process and layout planning in the factory, because the company's cultivation gave me the opportunity to go abroad Help the company deal with mechanical abnormalities and after-sales service. The countries that have been served are China, the United States, and Singapore.


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Master’s Degree
Mechanical Engineering
2016 - 2020
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Bachelor’s Degree
Mechanical Engineering
2002 - 2006