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Mobile Android, Flutter, and AI Engineer
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Lukas Kristianto

Mobile Android, Flutter, and AI Engineer
Android || Flutter || Deep Learning || Data Science || Specialization - Mobile Android Development || Mentor Android Hello there! I'm Lukas Kristianto, S.Kom, a passionate Software Engineer specializing in Android and AI at Sinarmas Asia Pulp and Paper. My work involves building cutting-edge mobile applications for Android and iOS, and leveraging my expertise in machine learning to solve internal user challenges. With my experience as a former Software Engineer Android at Tokopedia, I have honed my skills in collaborating cross-functionally with product, data science, data analytics, and UI/UX teams to create exceptional applications that drive business success. In addition to my role as a Software Engineer, I am also a mentor for mobile application development at Sinarmas Asia Pulp and Paper, where I share my knowledge on rapid development using Kotlin for Android. I make complex concepts easy to understand, enabling individuals to build applications for any mill or business process with efficiency and ease. Furthermore, I am currently deepening my expertise in data science through ongoing bootcamps, as I am passionate about exploring the intersection of mobile development and data-driven solutions. I love sharing my insights and expertise in the realm of mobile android development and Flutter through my blogs on Medium: https://Lukaskris12.medium.com. Apart from my professional pursuits, I am an avid android junkie, and I enjoy playing football and basketball, as well as listening to podcasts. Feel free to follow me to stay connected and reach out if you have any questions or need assistance with Mobile Android Development. I am always open to connecting and sharing my knowledge! ***** Instagram: www.instagram.com/lukaskriiss Email: [email protected]
Asia Pulp & Paper
Jakarta, Indonesia

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Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer Android

Apr 2021 - Present
1. Spearheaded modernization of Android legacy code bases, implementing cutting-edge development standards to enhance functionality and performance. 2. Utilized Flutter for multiplatform development, creating Internal Social Media for APP Sinarmas with over 30k employees. 3. Reduced app size and improved performance by implementing Jetpack Compose and removing Appcompat for various systems: Sales Force Automation (SFA), Warehouse System, Forestree Plantation System, Tracking Inbound/Outbound Log System, and Tracking Kapal. 4. Pioneered Plate Number Recognition research with TensorFlow, exploring AI advancements and driving innovation within the organization. 5. Collaborated with management, internal teams, and development partners to design and implement innovative software applications, ensuring seamless project progress aligned with business objectives. 6. Led the design and implementation of updates for end-user applications, leveraging local, networked, and Internet-based platforms for high-quality solutions. 7. Worked with development and testing teams to architect robust solutions exceeding client requirements for functionality, scalability, and performance. 8. Conducted comprehensive research on Android tech stacks, leveraging insights for informed decision-making and cutting-edge solutions. 9. Mentored and empowered mill teams in beginner-level Android development, fostering a culture of continuous learning and skill development. 10. Conducted POC research and development for Document Classification using CNN TensorFlow. 11. Implemented standardization measures for Android development, improving code quality and maintainability for efficient, scalable software solutions. 12. Received accolades for exceptional performance in delivering results-oriented solutions.
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Software Engineer Android

Oct 2022 - Jan 2023
4 mos
1. Spearheaded the creation of a cutting-edge chatting app for drivers and clients using Jetpack Compose technology. 2. Developed Warehouse Astro application with a modern and user-friendly interface using Jetpack Compose. 3. Collaborated closely with cross-functional teams for seamless integration of features, enhancing user experience. 4. Demonstrated deep understanding of Android best practices and employed efficient coding techniques for high-quality, scalable solutions. 5. Delivered results within tight deadlines, showcasing exceptional time management and prioritization skills. 6. Proactively contributed innovative ideas to improve app performance and user engagement by staying updated with the latest Android advancements. 7. Participated in code reviews, providing constructive feedback for a culture of continuous improvement and excellence. 8. Effectively communicated with team members, stakeholders, and clients, ensuring smooth project execution and client satisfaction.

Software Engineer Android

Apr 2019 - Apr 2021
2 yrs 1 mo
1. Optimized Home Page load time from 5 seconds to 1 second, reducing overdraw, and optimizing API requests for a better user experience. 2. Revamped Official Store Page, reducing load time from 4 seconds to 2.3 seconds through cutting-edge overdraw and internal process optimization. 3. Improved Wishlist Page, achieving a load time of 2 seconds with efficient updates using cutting-edge DiffUtil and overdraw techniques. 4. Researched and implemented ExoPlayer for Tokopedia Play, enabling live streaming and offline video capabilities. 5. Initiated Test-Driven Development (TDD) workgroup, implementing unit tests across all modules in Home & Platform Tribe, achieving an impressive 92% test coverage. 6. Implemented sought-after Dark Mode feature with Android team, utilizing Python script and state-of-the-art KNN algorithm for enhanced user experience and positive feedback. 7. Designed and developed robust solutions, ensuring high-quality deliverables meeting strict functional, scalable, and performance requirements. 8. Contributed to UI/UX improvements in partnership with Product and Design teams, resulting in an enhanced user interface and seamless user experience. 9. Upgraded outdated legacy code bases to modern development standards, significantly improving functionality, code quality, and maintainability. 10. Stayed updated on the latest advancements in Android tech stacks, conducting in-depth research to foster continuous innovation and guide team decisions.

Android Engineer

Jul 2017 - Mar 2019
1 yr 9 mos
1. Created innovative Sales Selling app with Flutter, eliminating catalogs and invoices, leading to over 25% increase in income and improved sales efficiency. 2. Developed Kotlin-based Point of Sales (POS) app for small and medium-sized enterprises (UMKM), resulting in significant monthly sales growth for targeted businesses. 3. Collaborated closely with product managers, leveraging core Android technologies and best practices for stable and high-quality codebase. 4. Designed robust and scalable Android solutions with architecture diagrams and flow charts, meeting business requirements seamlessly. 5. Played a key role in defect triage, ensuring high-quality deliverables and adherence to requirements. 6. Implemented RESTful API design with documented client-server protocols and client-side functionalities. 7. Utilized wireframes and prototypes for intuitive UI designs and architecturally sound Point of Sales (POS) solutions. 8. Conducted in-depth research on Android testing techniques to optimize product quality continuously. 9. Upgraded outdated code bases to modern development standards, streamlining the development process.


Data Science
2022 - 2022
Almost 4 months learning about Data Science and published 2 project from Data Analysis, Data Preprocessing, Data Processing, and giving the solution and recommendation about the data, which is might help at business impact and the solution or prediction.
Computer Science
2013 - 2017
Activities and societies
Emotional Classification of Facebook Status uses Naive Bayes
Computer Science Degree

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Data Science

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Issued Dec 2022
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