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Luke Lazarus

Founder and CEO
Luke Lazarus, founder of Luke Lazarus Consulting, shares his entrepreneurial drive and keys to success to those who are just beginning their business careers. He offers his services primarily to those who intend to build a start-up from the ground-up. Lazarus was born in Perth and started his first business when he was only 8-years old. He went on to high school where he excelled in both academics and athletics. After high school graduation, he earned an MBA from Melbourne Business School where he focused on product development, branding, and start up financing. After graduation from college, Lazarus received multiple job offers. He turned them all down in order to become his own boss and start his own companies. By the time he was 33, he had sold four businesses and become a millionaire. Although he was financially secure and never had to work again, being idle did not suit his personality. Instead of starting his own fifth business, he decided to become a consultant and help others achieve their dream of becoming business owners. Lazarus knows how to mentor those who have a zeal for success but who may often second-guess themselves. He has found that even seasoned entrepreneurs may need, as he says, “a helping hand and a level-headed support system.” Personal Life Lazarus practices discipline with his daily routines. Every morning just before sunrise, he meditates for 10 to 15 minutes. This clears his head, relieves his stress, and gets him ready to face the challenges of the day. He is good at multi-tasking and checks his email while he has his morning coffee. After he makes a to-do list for the day, he is off to the gym. He does this seven-days a week, without fail. Lazarus partially attributes his success to his note taking. He records everything. He may write in a notebook, which he always carries with him, or take a photo of a note. He voice-mails himself reminders and prompts. This way, he always has his to-do items with him which helps him keep a clear head and to prioritize his to-do list in Wisdom and Strengths Lazarus Brings to the Start-Ups In his current consulting business, Lazarus uses primarily on start-ups or struggling existing businesses. He encourages those starting their business from the ground up to realize that they cannot be experts in all areas of the business. He tells them, for example, that they may be good at developing their brand, but may be not quite so good at dealing with employees or at accounting. He encourages each business owner to be honest with themselves in analysing their own skills and genuinely identify their strengths and weaknesses. They can fill in the gaps with people who are experts or who excel in areas in which they need help. Lazarus helps prevent these new entrepreneurs from feeling overwhelmed. He puts himself in the position of sounding board for them which helps keep them on track for achieving their goals. The most important advice Lazarus gives to his clients is that “They should invest as much time and energy as possible in clarifying their vision before they invest their money.” In a recent interview, Lazarus responded that his favourite quote is from American poet and philosopher, Henry David Thoreau: “Success usually come to those who are too busy to be looking.”
Luke Lazarus
Melbourne Business School
Melbourne VIC, Australia

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Founder and CEO

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Luke Lazarus Consulting

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Oct 2005 - Apr 2014
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Founder and CEO April 2014 - Present Melbourne, Australia Lazarus believes in creating a simple story for every product, service or brand. If your product or brand is synonymous with its story, you've set the foundation for success, he has said. He helps each client develop a story that is understandable and relatable to consumers, investors and employees. Keeping the story flexible allows for growth or restructuring in the future. Professional Strengths Lazarus has introduced both new and revitalized brands in dozens of boardrooms, and CEOs are more than happy to give him the floor. Over his two decades as a consultant, Lazarus' compelling presentations have raised millions of dollars in seed money and capital. He is good at analyzing diverse segmented markets and sizing up the competition. His insights help executives identify potential customers. Reading into consumers' needs, desires and motivations is almost second nature to Lazarus. Based on his intuition and analysis, companies develop relevant products and services. He is also adept at identifying points of influence. After the conception of a brand or product, Lazarus guides clients through the launch. Go to market planning involves creating budgets, setting timelines and coming up with cost-effective strategies. Managing cash flow and projecting profitability are all in a day's work. Lazarus carefully weighs performance metrics against the original vision for a brand. He is highly skilled at diagnosing and correcting problems in a project's infancy. Lazarus believes that consistency, transparency and continual improvement are critical to success in any sustainable business model. That applies to both startups and established brands. Freelance


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