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Communications Consultant @ Self-employed
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Communications Consultant @ Self-employed
Magda comes with a wealth of experience of over a decade spanning across various  Communications & Marketing fields in different parts of the globe.  Former Key Account PR Executive in Dubai, she conducted a significant number of local and regional Public Relations campaigns, Events and Marketing projects for a diversified portfolio of international leading brands, including international news channel France 24, LVMH Maison Hermes, Liberty Automobiles, Middle East Airlines, Virgin Megastores, Riva Fashion and Bonyan International Investment Group, for which she generated huge value in media coverage.   After pursuing Journalism Studies in Canada, she wrote independently for several online and print media internationally and has also worked on several digital marketing projects. Today, Magda brings on board a global and multidisciplinary expertise in a diversity of sectors delivering an all encompassing approach to Brand Communications & Marketing.
United Kingdom

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    Content Marketer
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    10-15 years
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    Google Drive
    Copywriting and Editing
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    Branding & Identity
    Brand Positioning Strategies
    Marketing Communications
    Marketing & PR
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    Interested in working remotely
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    Brand Communications | Copywriting | Journalism | Creative Writing
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  • Freelance

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