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Production Project Manager @ Group.G
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Production Project Manager @ Group.G
Project Manager with 4 years of experience specializing in project management and event curation for over 1,000 attendees. Expert in crafting compelling proposals, managing project quality and timelines, and creating engaging scripts. Skilled in delivering impactful keynote presentations, business correspondence, fostering intercultural communication, and facilitating cross-departmental collaboration.
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Group.G Co., Ltd.
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
台北市, 台灣

Professional Background

  • Current status
    Ready to interview
  • Profession
    Project Manager
  • Fields
    Electronics / Telecommunications
  • Work experience
    4-6 years (4-6 years relevant)
  • Management
    I've had experience in managing 1-5 people
  • Skills
    Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe Illustrator
    Adobe Lightroom
    Final cut pro X
    Google Drive
    Miscrosoft Office
    macOS iWork
  • Languages
    Native or Bilingual
  • Highest level of education

Job search preferences

  • Desired job type
    Interested in working remotely
  • Desired positions
    Project Manager
  • Desired work locations
    Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Freelance

Work Experience

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Production Project Manager

Nov 2023 - Apr 2024
6 mos
⭔ Managed six projects, including the script and art direction for a major tech company's annual presentation video, corporate image video script and animation production, and creative concept and scriptwriting for IPO launch videos. ⭔ Analyzed client requirements and communicated effectively to ensure the design and animation teams understood the brief, while overseeing output quality, project budgets, and production timelines. ⭔ Searched for suitable social media KOLs for collaborative advertorial projects, coordinated work content, and planned overall article layout and quality to align with WONDER Media's brand image. ⭔ Assisted in optimizing Notion templates, including creating project management databases and workload planning to enhance team efficiency.

Professional development

Jul 2023 - Oct 2023
4 mos
Taipei City, Taiwan
⭔ Joined long-term partnership program with TEDx Taipei. ⭔ Engaged in a structured certification program for Google Project Management and Data Analysis. ⭔ Engaged in on-site Japanese language courses.
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Oct 2022 - Jun 2023
9 mos
⭔ Achieved effective performance in implementing alternative materials, resulting in client ordering additional 215,000 units. ⭔ Collaborated with RD team to devise and implement innovative testing strategies, leveraging alternative materials resulting in a 1.3% reduction in mass production units cost while maintaining product quality and performance. ⭔ Collaborated with a cross-functional team of 5 to successfully deliver a critical project 2 weeks ahead of schedule, improving the overall efficiency of the project by 20%. ⭔ Address international clients' requests and efficiently utilized 98% of outdated production materials.
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Project Manager / Event Curator

Sep 2019 - Sep 2022
3 yrs 1 mo
Taipei City, Taiwan
⭔ Established Career Guidance for Students ・Designed the branding for both the Podcast and Career Center. ・Launched mini website with over 3000+ views in 4 months. ・Launched academic podcast across major platforms to achieve 300+ listenership per episode. ・Adapted podcast into written columns for high schools across Taiwan with 1,000+ views. ⭔ Curated International Conference during COVID-19 in Taiwan ・Spearheaded the organization of the largest international language teaching conference, managing over 82 presenters and 380+ attendees across 15 countries. ・Established communication with 3 renowned international keynote speakers, ensuring a seamless event experience. ・Directed a team of over 100 students from the Dept. of AFL, ensuring operational efficiency. ・Curated branding and promotional materials, including merchandise, billboards, and social media content, reaching 5,000+ views and 550+ engagements. ⭔ Curated Academic Expo ・Managing 100+ attendees from over 30 Taiwanese universities. ・Developed and executed digital marketing campaigns, achieving 26,000+ views on social media. ・Coordinated the schedule for 14 presenters, ensuring content delivery. ・Produced promotional content, including interviews with MA students, yielding a comprehensive promotion video with 100+ views. ⭔ Boosted MA Applicant Numbers and Facebook Fanpage ・Digital marketing initiatives securing 27,000+ views and 800+ engagements. ・Significantly increased the application rate by 230%. ・Overhauled promotional content for both undergraduate and graduate programs ・Formulated an innovative "5-Year Bachelor + Master's Program" to attract potential candidates. ・Rebranded and managed the official fanpage, resulting in amplified outreach by 250% compared to the same period.
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Video Editor for TOEIC Teaching Materials

Nov 2017 - Nov 2018
1 yr 1 mo
Taipei City, Taiwan
⭔ Edited online teaching English videos and visual effects. ⭔ Produced a season of online English teaching content spanning 8 episodes.

Manager of the Keynote Speaker Department

Oct 2016 - Oct 2017
1 yr 1 mo
Shanghai, China
⭔ Identified ideal keynote speakers to correspond with the theme of TEDx NTUST annual event. ・Hosted TEDxNTUST annual event with over 300+ attendees. ・Collaborated with cross-department teamwork with 20+ TEDx NTUST volunteers. ・Conducted interviews with TEDx keynote speakers and assisted building their stories.

Host of the Annual Keynote Event

Oct 2016 - Oct 2016
1 mo
Shanghai, China
⭔ Collaborated with 4 prominent keynote speakers and hosted the annual TEDx NTUST event in front of an engaged audience of over 250 attendees.


Bachelor’s Degree
Applied Foreign Languages
2015 - 2019