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Maksym Vorobey
Full Stack Developer
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Maksym Vorobey

Full Stack Developer
A pragmatic and dedicated full-stack developer with 5 years of experience in application development, software architecture design, and maintenance. Willingness to learn and master cross-platform applications and NoSQL databases. "Truth can only be found in one place: the code" is one of my favorite quotes from Robert C. Martin. I always try to stick to clean code and clean architecture rules and also follow the SOLID principles. Looking to migrate from web development to mobile app development and face new challenges that I will learn from.
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University of Napoli Federico II
Naples, Italy

Professional Background

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    Software Engineer
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    4-6 years (4-6 years relevant)
  • Management
    I've had experience in managing 1-5 people
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    Willingness To Learn
    Test Driven Development
    Domain Driven Design
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    Native or Bilingual
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    Interested in working remotely
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    Full Stack Developer
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    Part-time freelancer

Work Experience

Backend Engineer II

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11월 2021 - Present
Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
Discovery, analysis, design, implementation, testing & integration, and maintenance I've been through all the software development phases over and over again thanks to a fantastic team and Agile approach. Migrating logic from a monolith to cloud & microservices with AWS as main cloud provider. Using Java 11, Kotlin, the Spring framework and event driven development. Utilised GIT to manage collaboration with other departments and developers.

Full-Stack Developer

2월 2020 - Present
The role of the “single-member team” for the development of an IoT platform was really a challenge. I joined the project in its early phase, and due to its always changing requirements, I decided to use a Domain-Driven Design (DDD) and Test Driven Development (TDD) approach to support this project at best. I also developed an Android application that supported all the features of the platform but on a mobile device. The mainly adopted technologies for the project: Angular 6, Amplify, Java 8, Akka Actors, DynamoDB, AWS Cloud.
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Full-Stack Developer

9월 2017 - 2월 2020
2 yrs 6 mos
I worked for a major Italian bank as an external consultant. I supported them in activities such as bug fixing, development of new features, and application maintenance. Main adopted technologies: AngularJS - Angular 5 - Java2EE - Spring Batch - Oracle. 


Bachelor’s Degree
Bachelor in Computer Engineering
2011 - 2017
4/4 GPA
Activities and societies
My final thesis, entitled "Analysis and performance of the Dark Network", was about applying Machine Learning tools (i.e. Weka) to the classification of the network traffic generated on three anonymity services: TOR, I2P and JonDonym.

Licenses & Certifications

Credential ID: HPDL0S1LEMVE1W5D
Expires 10월 2024