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I have a good work ethics I Have excellent soft skills, I like people I work under pressure I enjoy life I play music Watch movies and series I enjoy spending time with the family I am both our door and in-door entertainer I spend more time learning and growing my IT skills
Loxion connect LTD (PTY)
Durban, South Africa



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    Network engineering, system security, cloud and broadband management
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Cyber Security

2024年3月 - 现在

Information Technology Manager

2020年1月 - 现在
10 Queen Nandi Dr, Briardene, Durban, 4051, Suid-Afrika
My responsibilities start from the office, I ensure that all the head office users are connected to a local Microsoft server 2022 and on the cloud. Assign Office 365 to users and sage finance/payroll software. I design deploy and manage wireless broadband for all bus depots using multiple brands from Cambium, Grandstream, TP LINK, MIMOSA, and UBIQUITI. I install and configure both Mikrotik and Sisco routers. I deploy WIFI for both head office and depots. I deploy and configure endpoint security software and protect the company systems by always applying security measures. I manage the cloud and apply security for our data and secure access. I manage mobile devices to connect to the network safely and securely. I provide remote access to remote users by using a remote desktop. I troubleshoot problems for both local and remote users. I also provide secure access to our network through a VPN. I install and manage local and remote printers. I manage every device from Desktop, Tablets, Laptops, and Cell phones, I ensure they are all connected to the network at all times. I manage access to the premises by means of biometric devices.