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Meg Epstein
Founder and CEO
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Meg Epstein

Founder and CEO
Meg Epstein is a real estate developer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who founded and serves as the CEO of CA South Development, a construction company headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, which she established in 2016. Under Epstein's leadership, the company has expanded beyond designing primarily residential spaces to developing a range of residential, industrial, mixed-use, and office projects throughout the Nashville metropolitan area, from Franklin to Hendersonville and beyond. Before launching CA South Development, Epstein worked as a project manager and owner's representative for a variety of high-net-worth clients, overseeing numerous high-end residential construction projects. She also worked as a building process consultant for several years, assisting private clients in constructing their dream homes and managing the construction process. Epstein attended high school in Sacramento, California, before studying at the University of California, Los Angeles, where she was an active participant in the Undergraduate Business Society. After completing her studies at UCLA, she pursued further education and completed New York University's Architecture Program. In addition to her work in the construction industry, Epstein is known for her philanthropic activities, including supporting animal welfare organizations and promoting women's entrepreneurship. Meg Epstein is also an active philanthropist, supporting an array of charities, nonprofit organizations, and causes, particularly those benefitting her local community. Furthermore, she is a long-time supporter of the local Citizens Commission on Human Rights. Additionally, as part of her commitment to giving back, she volunteers at Celebrity Center Nashville, which is Nashville’s Church of Scientology.
CA South Development
New York University
Nashville, TN, USA

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Founder and CEO

Jan 2016 - Present
The company's goal is to create cutting-edge, lifestyle-friendly residences that will transform how people engage with their local communities.


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