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Mike Kobeissi

Broker Realtor
Mike Kobeissi is a well-respected real estate expert in La Canada Flintridge, having worked in the industry for over 25 years. He is known for his attention to detail and dedication to providing top-tier services to clients, both large and small. Kobeissi's multi-million dollar business, Kobeissi Properties, helps those considering selling, buying, remodeling or building a new home. He is also a design master, lending properties an expert aesthetic touch. Beyond his work in real estate, Kobeissi has a passion for cars, particularly sports cars and luxury vehicles. He hosts events in the community showcasing his impressive collection and bringing car enthusiasts together. Kobeissi speaks Arabic, making it easier for him to converse with clients from the Middle East, while agents in his employ speak Chinese and Korean. Kobeissi's career in real estate began when he started working at Ralph's Grocery in La, Canada, after immigrating to California from Lebanon with his family. He transitioned into a job at the real estate firm of Jim Dickson, where he learned about the industry and local markets. Mike Kobeissi quickly earned his real estate license and became a top producer in La Canada Flintridge by learning about his client's needs and exceeding their expectations. Kobeissi's professional skills extend into the design arena, where he helps existing properties become more appealing through careful renovations, decorating, and staging. His Mediterranean-inspired headquarters provide a glimpse of his design expertise, featuring stunning artwork, unique architecture, classic furniture, and sports car displays that add glamour. Kobeissi is very involved in the La Canada Flintridge community, hosting many popular events to boost community spirit. One of the most popular ventures is Cars and Coffee at Kobeissi Properties, where car enthusiasts come together to swap stories and share refreshments. Kobeissi is also very involved in the local Chamber of Commerce. Throughout his career, Kobeissi has helped sell hundreds of multi-million-dollar homes. In 2018, he completed the highest-priced real estate transaction ever in his city by selling an $11 million estate formerly belonging to Senator Frank Putnam Flint. Mike Kobeissi is passionate about helping others realize their hopes and dreams with the perfect property.
Kobeissi Properties
La Canada Flintridge
La Cañada Flintridge, CA 91011, USA

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