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Digital Signal Processing Engineer | Software Developer | Open to Diverse Opportunities
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Modick Basnet

Digital Signal Processing Engineer | Software Developer | Open to Diverse Opportunities
As a seasoned DSP engineer with over 7 years of experience, I have honed my skills to not only troubleshoot existing problems but also to innovate new solutions whenever the need arises. From my early days as a student to my current role as an Engineer at WNC, I've consistently applied the foundational skills I acquired to analyze and solve complex challenges. My expertise extends beyond algorithm development and signal processing; I actively contribute to the design and optimization of integrated systems, performing key duties in system engineering. My involvement in link budget analysis ensures the seamless operation and optimal performance of communication systems. Having patented two novel ideas—one granted and another pending—I am committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation. While my journey has been rooted in DSP, my interest in data science and machine learning has led me to pursue MOOC certifications in these domains. Although I haven't had the opportunity to apply these certifications in a professional setting, I am eager to transition and contribute my skills to the dynamic field of data science and machine learning. I am enthusiastic about collaborating with professionals in this evolving field, sharpening my knowledge, and actively contributing to impactful projects. My goal is to leverage my diverse skill set, combining DSP expertise with data science and machine learning, to become proficient and make meaningful contributions to this exciting intersection.
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Wistron Neweb Corporation
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Senior Software Engineer

03/2016 - Hiện tại
• Lead role in software/firmware development and algorithm troubleshooting for RADAR applications, utilizing C programming. • Troubleshoot and develop algorithms for RADAR applications, demonstrating expertise in DSP system design and simulation with Matlab / GNU Octave and Python. • Played a key role in system engineering, actively participating in the design, implementation, and optimization of integrated systems • Successfully patented two novel ideas, one granted in the Taiwan patent office and another pending submission to the US patent office. • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to communicate system capabilities and performance to stakeholders, customers, and managers. Key Achievements: • Played a pivotal role in RADAR production. • Developed and implemented algorithms for RADAR applications. • Recognized for innovation with two patents—one granted and another in the submission process.

Học vấn

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Machine Learning
2019 - 2019
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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Telecommunications Engineering
2012 - 2016
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Master’s Degree
Information and Communications Technology
2009 - 2012
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Electronics and Communications Engineering
2002 - 2007

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Thêm số CCCD: 627ELSZJ3B3P
Phát hành vào 08/2018
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Image and video processing: From Mars to Hollywood with a stop at the hospital

Phát hành vào 03/2014
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Phát hành vào 10/2013
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