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Chun-Yu Hsieh
Senior iOS Developer
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Chun-Yu Hsieh

Senior iOS Developer
My name is Chun-Yu Hsieh, holding a Master's degree in Department of Management Information Systems from National Chung Hsing University. My expertise is iOS mobile app development.
Mobile Drive Technology Co., Ltd. (Foxconn Technology Group)
National Chung Hsing University
新北市, 台灣

Professional Background

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    Ready to interview
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    iOS Developer
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    6-10 years (6-10 years relevant)
  • Management
    I've had experience in managing 1-5 people
  • Skills
    Android Studio
    Visual Studio
    MVVM Architecture
    Clean Architecture
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    Interested in working remotely
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    IOS App Developer
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    Taipei City, Taiwan
    New Taipei City, Taiwan
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Work Experience

Senior iOS Developer

Sep 2022 - Apr 2024
1 yr 8 mos
Collaboration with Stellantis, the overall architecture adopts Clean Architecture, MVVMC for UI architecture, and incorporates the Dependency Injection design pattern to achieve a highly testable architecture. The development process obey Coding Style/Rules and requires two rounds of Code Review and Unit Tests with a minimum coverage of 80%. Finally, the development process follows the Scrum methodology, completing at least 4 Program Increment (PI) cycles with Product Owner (PO) and Scrum Master (SM) involvement. Responsibilities: Developing a vehicle-related iOS app (using Swift) for dealer search and maintenance appointment booking. Key Skills: Clean Architecture · MVVM Architecture · Protocol-Oriented Programming (POP) · Swift · Unit Testing · Git · Xcode · iOS Development

Senior iOS developer

Jul 2021 - Sep 2022
1 yr 3 mos
The overall architecture adopts MVVM, and using SwiftUI and Combine for the UI. Wireless technology employs WebRTC for connectivity and FFmpeg's RTSP and Codec H.264 for audio and video-related functionalities. Responsibilities: Developing a wireless integration iOS app (using Swift, Objective-C/C++) for wireless projection, control, and remote display. Key Skills: MVVM Architecture · SwiftUI · Combine · Protocol-Oriented Programming (POP) · iOS · Swift · Objective-C · Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) · Git · Xcode · iOS Development

iOS Developer

Oct 2020 - May 2021
8 mos
The overall architecture adopts MVVM, and using iOS built-in AVPlayer for playing Apple HLS streams. The development platform includes iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Responsibilities: For Asia Pacific Telecom: Developing a video streaming iOS app (using Swift, Objective-C) featuring multi-angle video playback, concert chat rooms, and video browsing pages. For Eleven Sports: Developing and maintaining Apple TV features for a video streaming tvOS app (using Swift). Key Skills: MVVM Architecture · Protocol Oriented Programming (POP) · Swift · Objective-C · Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) · Git · Xcode · tvOS Development · iOS Development

Senior Mobile Developer

May 2016 - Aug 2018
2 yrs 4 mos
The overall architecture adopts MVVM and adopts the necessary technologies and languages, including native or cross-platform technologies (like Xamarin), with languages such as Swift, Objective-C, Java, and C# based on customer requirements. Project Responsibilities: For Fubon Life Insurance: Developing a policy service Android app (using Java) featuring policy signature preview, premium calculation, and mailing/printing functions. For FarEasTone Telecommunications: Developing a health management Android and iOS app (Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS using C#) with app architecture implementation, health diary, and health overview functions. For Innolux: Developing a workplace safety inspection app (Xamarin.Android using C#) with app architecture planning, work order form filling, work items updates, and work order submission. For China Airlines: Enhancing an aircraft inspection iOS app (using Swift) with additional photo preview and download functions. For Standard Chartered Bank: Developing an investment and wealth management iOS app (using Objective-C) with digital signature functionality. Key Skills: MVVM Architecture · SQLite · Objective-C · Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) · Git · Xcode · Android Development · iOS Development · C# · Xamarin · Java

Software Engineer

Sep 2015 - Apr 2016
8 mos
Responsibilities: Web development for the Kaohsiung City Government's energy-saving and power-saving portal. Key Skills: MVC Architecture · PostgreSQL · Microsoft SQL Server · Subversion · Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) · Web Development · ASP.NET MVC

Deputy Software Engineer

May 2014 - Jul 2015
1 yr 3 mos
Responsibilities: Digital learning web maintenance and custom feature development for both Sunlife Financial and Fubon Life Insurance. Key Skills: Microsoft SQL Server · Subversion · Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) · Web Development · C# · ASP.NET


Master’s Degree
Department of Management Information Systems
2018 - 2020
During my studies: Developed various blockchain DApp applications using iOS and Swift. Master's thesis: Developed a RFID integrated blockchain DApp application using iOS and Swift.
Bachelor’s Degree
Department of Information Management
2008 - 2012
During my studies: Assisted other departments in building websites using ASP.NET Web Forms and C# language. Graduation project: Developed a mobile game using iOS and Objective-C language.

Licenses & Certifications

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TOEIC Green Certificate

Educational Testing Service (ETS)
Issued Jul 2019
No Expiration Date
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Sun Certified Java Programmer

Sun MicroSystems
Issued Jul 2010
No Expiration Date