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Nikolas Velikopoljski

Nikolas Velikopoljski is a Miami-based entrepreneur and the founder of The Benefitted, a luxury apparel and accessories company. Nikolas Velikopoljski was always active in some form as a child with several charities and nonprofit groups. While still in high school, he actively participated in Leading Miami, a youth-based community leadership program, and routinely helped with Sisters of Sacred Heart, a homeless shelter. In addition, Nikolas was a member of the Get Smart team, which supplied the Bahamas' impoverished schools with school materials. He graduated in 2017 from the University of Miami School of Business with a degree in Human Resource Management and Business Administration and Management. Once the Hard Rock Stadium reduced its bag policy in 2018, allowing visitors to carry just the bare minimum, Nikolas developed a transparent fanny pack that met the stadium's rules. In true entrepreneurial fashion, Nikolas Velikopoljski understood people's needs and created branded vinyl fanny packs that were incredibly convenient and stadium-approved. Because of its practicality and fashionable style, his bag saw immediate popularity. As Nikolas started making the bags on a broader scale, he quickly saw that total strangers were utilizing them around his area. Seeing people use the product he built proved surreal for Nikolas, making him want to develop more products for people to use and enjoy. Like many young entrepreneurs, Nikolas is drawn to the unconventional hours of the business world. He prefers the frantic schedule and freedom from being confined to an office while searching for the next great thing. Also, he has always looked up to his father, a prominent member of the Miami community and a successful businessman in his own right. Nikolas intends to follow in his father's footsteps and expand his collaborations with NGOs and community groups as he develops his company. Nikolas likes to hang out with his pals when he isn't volunteering or creating a new product for The Benefitted. Every Tuesday night, Nikolas plays a standing basketball game with around 15 pals. Thanks to the game, they can let off some steam while enjoying a great break from the work week.
The Benefitted
University of Miami
Miami, FL, USA

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    Fashion Design
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    4-6 tahun (relevan 4-6 tahun)
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    human resources management
    project development
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    Miami, FL, USA
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06/2018 - Sekarang


04/2017 - Sekarang

Financial Representative

05/2016 - 08/2016
4 mos


08/2013 - 12/2013
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Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Human Resource Management Business Administration and Management
2013 - 2017