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Odin Pan
Standard Chartered HR Manager / 存在音樂創辦人
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Odin Pan

Standard Chartered HR Manager / 存在音樂創辦人
4+ years HR exp at Foreign Bank and hunter firm as HR Manager and consultant. 6+ years Star-up exp. Familiar in Finance/ Tech / Art Industry. Expert in HR/ Marketing/ Branding/ Leadership / Operation / Campus Recruitment / Biz Stradegy
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Being Music 存在音樂
Taipei, 台灣

Professional Background

  • Current status
  • Profession
    HR Development, Training
  • Fields
  • Work experience
    4-6 years
  • Management
  • Skills
    Talent Development
    Talent Acquisition
    Leadership + Management
    Project Management
    Communication Skills
    Broadcast Design
    Banner Design
    Music Production
    Team Management
    Employee Engagement
    Team Building
    Google Drive
    social media planning
  • Languages
  • Highest level of education

Job search preferences

  • Desired job type
    Interested in working remotely
  • Desired positions
    HR + Marketing (Branding) / Project Manager
  • Desired work locations
    Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Freelance

Work Experience

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Founder 創辦人

May 2017 - Present
⊙Job Description: ►Sales Function: 1. Business Developing - Sales target: 200,000 / per month. 2. Product Development - Dryer product, music sheet, brand T-shirt and coin bag. 3. Cold Visit - Seek any chances to align a campaign, events or any cooperate possibilities. ►Marketing / Social / Marcom Function 1. Social Media management - FB/IG management, 4000+ real fans growth in 1.5 year. 2. Design - Banners, logos, contents. 3. Marcom - Planning and execute full life-cycle campaigns, events, chambers and lectures. Had strong achievements in leading 10 people team to roll-out 30+ events/year and assist 40+ events. 4. Marketing - ATL/BTL, Google ADWords, Cross-business alignments. 5. PR / CR - Maintain good connections with clients and public. ►HR Function 1. Recruitment - Hiring Intern, part-time staff (10 head counts/ half year) 2. Employee Relations - 20+ Music Facilitators, 6+ team members. 3. LTD - Learning SOP, Training guide build up, O-chart build up.
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HR Manager (Learning Manager)

Oct 2017 - Feb 2020
2 yrs 5 mos
Agile working, fast learner with can-do spirit. Cost centre: CEO office Report to Head of Learning, CEO office BPM. ⊙Job Description: ►Learning Academy (BAU) 1. Focus on Leadership Learning for 500+ people leaders and selective talents. 2. Execute people leaders' learning courses and programs with global learning ops team and support senior facilitator. (40+ courses per year) 3. Work closely with business units to find out their needs, pain points on learning. 4. Build up/ maintain internal learning or program-based websites for all staff and learners by using Human Centred Design and optimised user experience. (600+ users and news views in average) 5. Provide high-quality operation/ logistic support to meet Biz needs including supplier managements and budget control. ►Project Managements 1. Kick-off and maintain multi projects and coordinate with CEO office FinTech team to roll out 25+ workshops, forums and lectures for internal employees, people leaders and selective talents. 2. Take lead of "Leadership Forum" which invites celebrities and moguls from enterprises (劉必榮、金麗英、林義傑、王文華、詹宏志、葛如鈞) It had NT. 1,000,000 budget and invites 200+ attendees. 3. Roll out bank-wide "iPro project" with task force team to let all staff to apply first-hand day who could have a real on-site experience with ideal role. (including high level role as CEO, head of RB, head of CA and Audit.) It finally have 50+ staff who finished the experience and grab massive attention in total 5000+ broadcast views. 4. Execute and support 15+ forum, workshop and townhall per year. Collaborate with CABM department. ►HR Branding Build up (Communications and Marcom) 1. Internal communications (40+/year) for policy propaganda, forums and workshops, employee relations. 2. Manage the tone and wording in communications which depends on what TAs are we engaged with. 3. Biz Team building design and on-site support. Using Adobe Illustrator to design banners or pictures for marketing or broadcast. -- Award Winning: 1. 台灣企業永續獎Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards - 人才發展獎Award of Talent Development 2. 菁業獎Taiwan Banking and Finance Best Practice Awards - (金融研訓院TABF) 3. HR年度GEM貢獻獎 (HR Award of Get Extra Miles) 員工典範行為獎 (Award of Value Behaviour) 4. 渣打之歌專輯得獎與製作 (Winner of "Song of SCB" and produced whole album by me) 5. 專案與進程特殊貢獻獎 Reward of Significant Contribution to HR agenda & projects.
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Stage Manager 舞台監督

Feb 2015 - Jul 2017
2 yrs 6 mos
⊙Job Description: ►World tour management: NSO had represented Taiwan to execute several times of worldwide tour, from US/CA, EU and China. Fully responsibility of logistic / transportation / custom and stage management. Co-work with local manager, stage team to perfectly run shows. ►Recruitment: Stage crew build up, interview and full life-cycle (recruit, training, SOP, KPI, C&B, leave) ►Employee Relations: Work closely with all 100+ musicians and 20+ colleagues, maintain good connections by both oral and written communication skills. Delivering values and aim goals. ►Technical tasks: Team-work with Opera director, chorus leader and whole stage team, run over 100 shows /year. Based in National Concert Hall and tour all concert halls in Taiwan. ►Administrative tasks: Stage team management (15-20ppl), salary management, HR functions including recruit and training. --- ⊙Achievements: 1. Accomplished some of the most remarkable concert including: Hisaishi, Hayley Westenra, Berliner Philharmonisches’ principal concerto. 2. Represented Taiwan to accomplished worldwide tour. 3. Passed probation less in 3 months ahead, get promoted in 1 year and raise salary.
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Consultant / Headhunter

Mar 2014 - Sep 2014
7 mos
⊙Job Description: ►Achieve Sales Target, coordinate with Client’s in house HR team for recruitment. ►B2B development, Sales Visit, Contract negotiate/ Signed. ►One to one marketing, knowledge of Industry and companies prospects. ►Deep understanding of company’s culture/ requirements and package range. ►Actively approach suitable candidate, interview via phone calls and face to face. ►Interview arrangement and assist candidate to get offer. ►Offer letter signed and keep candidate on track until probation. --- ⊙Achievements: ►The only freshmen Rising Management offered in 2014. ►The first Consultant that hired in Q2 passed the probation by sales on target (in 2months). ►All sales are mid-high level managers, include Gaming Industry CTO, Network Communication Company Tech Lead, annual salary from 1.4-1.7M. ►Actively approach and successfully BD one famous Gaming Social Platform Company and confidential replacement CTO in 17 work days.


Master of Arts (MA)
2010 - 2014
Activities and societies
- Thesis: Euroscepticism - Britexit. Ahead Britexit actually happened and my thesis is now still in Google search Page 1.
Bachelor of Arts (BA)
哲學, 廣告(輔系), 外交(學程)
2006 - 2010
Activities and societies
- Intern of Honduras embassy. - Representative of Philosophy department for 4 years. - Rock Music Club - Movie Club