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OpenNet is one of the best companies to work for in Taiwan; we offer a dynamic and rewarding environment for high-achievers looking to work and learn alongside like-minded individuals. We are currently in a period of rapid growth as we expand to make our technology available in over 20 countries. We believe our employees are the company’s most valuable asset and are invested in seeing our employees grow in their careers and strike a work-life balance. We do our best to attract top talent and create a great workplace where people feel engaged, inspired, challenged, and respected. If you are forward-thinking, passionate about technology, enjoy a fast-paced work environment and are looking for a rewarding career, then we want you on the team. What you can expect from working at OpenNet? 1. Interesting and engaging work 2. Incredibly talented co-workers 3. Collaborative and flexible workplace 4. World-class benefits package 經營理念
OpenNet Ltd.
Taipei City, 台灣

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