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您好,我是潘揚燊,目前任職於聯華電子,擔任智慧製造全端開發工程師,畢業於元智大學工業工程與管理學系研究所。熟悉Python、C#、R語言,能善用人工智慧、深度學習、影像處理、統計分析、數據分析與文字探勘等;也曾使用Flexsim 3D 模擬系統,來建立各種生產流程模型,經由模擬流程找出最佳方案,以最小的成本,獲取最大的效益。 目前在聯電擔任智慧製造全端開發工程師,擁有多年的影像辨識軟體開發和自動化工程經驗。 負責開發RPA流程機器人於各製程機台介面的影像辨識功能,並進行專案管理和維運管理工作。我擅長新技術導入,並具有豐富的系統設計和功能規劃經驗。在之前的職位上,我也積極參與了客戶端軟體開發服務以及廠內自動化軟硬體開發工作,並成功導入了AI技術以提升生產效率。 於2019年3月至7月期間,加入朋友團隊-智合科技公司,共同參與由經濟部工業局與國際大廠 NVIDIA 舉辦的嵌入式新創開發競賽,最終獲得最佳應用創新獎。 我期待能夠在貴公司繼續發揮我的專業技能,並貢獻於團隊的成長和發展,一同追求卓越的成就。期待有機會進一步討論我的經驗和如何能夠為貴公司帶來價值。 謝謝您撥冗閱讀我的自我介紹,期待能有機會與您進一步交流。 我的工作技能如下所示: 1.python:Tensorflow、keras、PyTorch、Scikit-learn、OpenCV、PyQt、Pandas、Numpy、Matplotlib, Seaborn 2.C#:EmguCV、深度學習、影像辨識、程式設計開發、測試及維護 3.R:數據分析、文字探勘、統計分析、品質管制 4.Halcon:影像處理、瑕疵判斷、物件量測 5.Visual Basic:ASP.NET、程式設計開發、測試及維護 6. Auto Cad:工程製圖技術、工程視圖能力 以下是英文簡歷: Hello, I am Yangshen, currently working at UMC as a full-end RPA platform development engineer, graduated from the Institute of Industrial Engineering and Management of Yuan Ze University. Familiar with Python, C#, R language, can make good use of artificial intelligence, deep learning, image processing, statistical analysis, data analysis and text mining, etc., and has also used Flexsim 3D simulation system to establish various production process models, through the simulation process to find the best solution, with the minimum cost, to obtain the maximum benefit. He is currently working as a full-end RPA platform development engineer at UMC, and has many years of experience in software development and automation engineering. Responsible for the development of the image recognition function of the RPA process robot at the interface of various process machines, and carry out project management and maintenance management. I am good at new technology introduction and have rich experience in system design and functional planning. In my previous role, I was also actively involved in the development of client-side software development services and in-house automation software and hardware, and successfully introduced AI technology to improve production efficiency. From March to July 2019, he joined the friend team - Zhihe Technology Co., Ltd., and participated in the embedded new development competition organized by the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the international manufacturer NVIDIA, and finally won the Best Application Innovation Award. I look forward to continuing to bring my professional skills to work in your company and contribute to the growth and development of your team in the pursuit of excellence. I look forward to the opportunity to further discuss my experience and how I can bring value to your company. Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction and look forward to the opportunity to talk to you further. Skills: 1.Python :Tensorflow,keras,PyTorch, Scikit-learn,OpenCV,PyQt,Pandas,Numpy, Matplotlib, Seaborn 2.C#:EmguCV, Deep learning, Image Recognition,Programming development, testing and maintenance 3.R:Data analysis, Text mining, Statistical analysis and Quality control 4.Halcon:Image processing, Defect judgment, Object measurement 5.Visual Basic:ASP.NET, Programming development, testing and maintenance 6. Auto Cad:Cartographic technology and engineering works view capacity
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