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Network marketing Leader
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Paige Champagne

Network marketing Leader
Paige Champagne is a Louisiana State University graduate and an influential figure in the network marketing industry. Having established her name at Amare Global, she attributes her success to her ability to create meaningful connections with others. In addition to her career achievements, Champagne is passionate about animal welfare activism. This has led her to work with several charities and nonprofits; SpayMart Thrift Store and Adoption Center are among them. Volunteering weekly there, she is also actively involved in her local community by offering grocery shopping services and rides to appointments for older people. Furthermore, Champagne donates generously to mental health charities and initiatives supporting the well-being of individuals in need - something she feels strongly about due to her involvement in St Mark's Episcopal Church. Her compassionate nature can be seen through her acts of kindness locally and her commitment to promoting good causes worldwide. Champagne's advocacy for social issues and her business acumen make her an inspiring role model for many who seek success and compassion in their lives. She is driven and skilled at what she does. She has become one of the top earners and a driving force behind the platform's mission to create a holistic mental wellness platform that includes people, products, and programs. Amare Global is based in Orange County, California, and wants to lead a global mental wellness revolution that aligns with Champagne's values. As a network marketer for Amare Global, Champagne encourages others to believe in themselves and their abilities. She always helps her community and encourages people to be strong, happy, and help each other.
Amare Global
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

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    Digital Marketer
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    Digital Marketing / Data Marketing
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    I've had experience in managing 10-15 people
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    Network marketing Leader
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    New Orleans, LA, USA
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Network Marketing Specialist

Amare Global
Dec 2022 - Present

Network Marketing Specialist

Feb 2021 - Dec 2022
1 yr 11 mos


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