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Paul Cazarez
Principal World Builder
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Paul Cazarez

Principal World Builder
Paul Cazarez is a seasoned world builder. He has designed, built and scripted worlds for iconic series, such as Blood Omen and Whiplash. Growing in tandem with the industry, Cazarez is well-versed in all corners of the world building process. He enjoys keeping pace by staying one step ahead and working on next gen projects ahead of time. Cazarez is currently offering freelance world building services.
Paul Cazarez
The Art Institute of Phoenix
Baltimore, MD, USA

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    world building
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Freelance World Builder

Sep 2021 - Present
Paul Cazarez works independently as a freelance world builder. In this role, Cazarez is available for creating and improving upon existing map design ideas, world building concepts and consulting in this area.


Bachelor of Arts (BA)
1996 - 2000