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Pierre Ingram

Pierre Ingram is a highly accomplished offensive coordinator for the Fujitsu Frontiers Pro American football team. A former division one football player and track and field athlete, Pierre has over 13 years of coaching experience at the collegiate and professional levels. He is widely respected within the sport, and his teams have consistently achieved success on the gridiron. In addition to his successes as a coach, Pierre is also a highly effective communicator and motivator. He is able to connect with his players and get them to buy into his vision for the team. As a result, Pierre has been able to create a winning culture wherever he has coached. Fujitsu is lucky to have him on their staff, and they will no doubt continue to see success as long as he is leading their offense.
Cortland State
Tokyo, Japan

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Master of Science (MS)
Sport management
2007 - 2009
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liberal arts
2002 - 2006