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Ray Chen

Product Manager
As an executive manager in several industries. I have over ten years of e-commerce and marketing experience. By providing data analyses and user experience, I have successfully increased the profit and brand value for many companies.
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Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Taipei Metropolitan Area, Taiwan

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    Project Manager
    Phát triển kinh doanh
    Giám đốc vận hành
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    Quảng cáo
    Du lịch
    Thương mại điện tử
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    10-15 năm (10-15 năm liên quan)
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    I've had experience in managing 10-15 nhân viên
  • Kỹ năng
    Microsoft Office
    Google Ads
    Google Analytics
    Scrum Methodology
    Axure RP
  • Ngôn ngữ
    Bản địa hoặc song ngữ
    Thông thạo
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Executive Assistant

05/2023 - Hiện tại
London, UK
Responsible for assisting the Korean CEO in executing organizational changes, handling investor relations, and daily office affairs, as well as planning corresponding support for organizational restructuring and managing transitions. Assisted in expanding the Korean brand into the Taiwanese market through marketing and advertising exposure(Go-to-market ), utilizing Hybrid for multiple project management tasks. ● Established daily operational dashboards to ensure team members of the organizational change team maintain performance and implemented supportive measures. ● Assisted in communication with investors and ensured smooth operation of daily office affairs to stabilize company operations. ● Through Hybrid project management, served and enhanced the company's major revenue by 40% by managing advertising clients and brand clients. ● Led the e-commerce team in advertising placements across multiple platforms, utilizing Trello to establish workflow dashboards and increasing the sell-through rate of existing inventory to 83%.
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Product Manager, Online Business Division, China

09/2019 - 01/2023
3 yrs 5 mos
Changhua County, Taiwan
Led a team of 13 members, implementing agile development to execute projects. Built departmental affairs from scratch, integrated order processing through APIs, and assisted team members in effectively managing their work through data dashboards I designed. ● Planned workflows for each department, defined annual operational roadmaps, and authored annual plans, procurement plans, product requirement documents, departmental staff job descriptions, and competency assessment documents. Defined and standardized personnel capabilities and organizational structures, regularly conducting educational training. ● Designed WeChat group features tailored to highly loyal users, gaining their trust. ● Achieved annual KPIs, successfully translating performance targets. Designed processes for bulk inventory importation into the platform, effectively reducing manual input hours and trial-error risks.
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Project Manager, New Business Department

01/2017 - 08/2019
2 yrs 8 mos
Led an 8-person team, executing projects through agile development methodologies. Established a car rental company, managing a fleet of 10 vehicles and airport counters in Japan and South Korea. Integrated all execution processes from platform order placement to the end of the user experience. ● Assisted suppliers in adopting platform thinking and successfully listing products. Provided supplier customer demand through data analysis to facilitate the development of products that meet market needs. ● Planned the inventory system, wrote documentation, integrated the requirements of BD, OP, and FN parties, prioritized tasks, and collaborated with RD and UI to ensure timely planning, allowing effective inventory tracking. Developed functions for immediate reminders and virtual inventory locations, successfully reducing immediate losses for the company. ● Effectively addressed departmental issues after the launch, reducing interdepartmental communication costs and ensuring no loss of company inventory. The system is still in use today.
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E-Commerce Marketing Manager

03/2016 - 01/2017
11 mos
Responsible for the operation, management, sales strategies, and interdepartmental discussions of TMall. Built and led a team of eight people for the annual sales growth plan, advertisement implement, and data analyses. Externally maintained the relationships with Key Account Manager by fulfilling their demands and organized events, internally, on the other hand, to provide cross-functional cooperation and training.  The second month since the team was built; the monthly sales performance had grown 68%. Additionally, by the fourth month since online shop opened, the official ranking among ticketing category reached the seventh level, which was the top level.  The new hit product had reached top one in organic search ranking in the first week after launched.  Maintained the DSR performance above 4.95 at all times. Effectively using data analyses to improve the conversion rate by 13.5%, and transferred the customer revival rate by 23.5% via building the customer service SOP.  Invited to form a cross-industry alliance with the celebrated Japanese group, Kao Corporation, and built content strategies for its brand, Primavista Ange. In charge of planning content placement, accurately streaming with offline shop to increase brand awareness among foreign travelers.

E-Commerce Marketing Manager

04/2015 - 03/2016
1 yr 0 mos
Mainly handled the shop operation and sales promotion of the brand, MasKingDom, on key online platforms such as TMall International, 1688.com, and VIP.com. Assisted the director in completing the annual brand strategies and cost forecasts. In addition, supported the team to do product plans and promotion design by offering product training. Externally, cooperated with Key Account Manager and Internet celebrities for product placement; and completed the new export business route to China by providing interdepartmental communication in logistics and procedure internally.  Completed the official events with TMall International, the video was launched at the 2015 Single’s Day banquet in Beijing Water Cube, named 2015 TMaill Double Eleven Video.  Assisted in improving product details and increased the conversion rate by 15.2%.  Designed the exhibition in the 15th CBME (Children-Baby-Maternity Expo) and China Beauty Expo in 2015 and implemented sales promotion, reached the highest record of personal sales performance and signed to be the regional exclusive selling agent.

E-Commerce Marketing Director

01/2013 - 03/2015
2 yrs 3 mos
Organized and operated the whole e-commerce department, responsible for the initial stage of the department, built the whole team from scratch, such as settle the team structure, job description, SOP, operation manuals, and daily management. Planning online selling strategies, data analyses, and forecasts. Participated in the process of building own-brand online platform and user experience procedure. Boosted website traffic and brand awareness by using QQ, and official accounts of WeChat and Weibo.

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2009 - 2012
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2009 - 2012

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