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Raymond Pirrello
Public Relations at GreenLife Farms & Earth to Energy
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Raymond Pirrello

Public Relations at GreenLife Farms & Earth to Energy
In a world punctuated by leaders and visionaries, Raymond Pirrello carves out a distinctive silhouette synonymous with ambition, foresight, and groundbreaking endeavors. Navigating the complex corridors of finance, he etched a legacy of unparalleled insights and strategic acumen. His storied 28-year odyssey culminated in the inception of Prior2IPO in 2015, a beacon in pre-IPO networking. Demonstrating an insatiable drive, by 2020, he cast his gaze towards the burgeoning promise of Greenlife Farms. Yet, Raymond's narrative extends beyond the financial lexicon. His zeal propelled Greenlife Farms in Florida to newfound heights in hydroponic farming. Seamlessly transitioning from its foundation to orchestrating its public relations, he manifested a versatile genius. Further testament to his entrepreneurial spirit is mirrored in establishing the Valeo Family of companies. Echoing the global clamor for sustainability, he ventured into the green frontier with conviction. Spearheading a formidable 100-million-dollar clean energy fund in the Northeast and bolstered by the technological prowess of the 75 MW Burgess BioPower plant, he reaffirmed his commitment to eco-centric progress.
Earth to Energy
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Rutgers University
Montclair, NJ, USA

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