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Frontend Engineer
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Frontend Engineer
I love JavaScript, I love learning new technologies, and I am committed to developing websites or applications with beautiful interfaces and a good user experience.
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iStaging Corp. 愛實境_台灣
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New Taipei City, Taiwan

Professional Background

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    Open to opportunities
  • Profession
    Front-end Engineer
  • Fields
    Information Services
  • Work experience
    4-6 years (4-6 years relevant)
  • Management
  • Skills
    Node.js / Express.js
    RESTful API
  • Languages
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Job search preferences

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    Interested in working remotely
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    Taipei, Taiwan
  • Freelance
    Part-time freelancer

Work Experience

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Senior Frontend Engineer

Jul 2022 - Apr 2023
10 mos
Taipei City, Taiwan
iStaging is a company that provides the virtual showroom services. I am responsible for the maintenance and new function development of the virtual showroom viewer and editor in the 2D department. Sometimes I need to help make some special brands for customization, For example: Bulgari, Tag Heuer, YSL, LV, Dior and 永慶房屋(Yung Ching Realty Co.) - 實境找房 etc. In the short ten months of iStaging, I have done many things: 1. Study how to integrate meeting software into the virtual showroom, such as Zoom. Although the company did not decide to do this later, it is still an experience. 2. Migrated the five-year-old Vue.js project's Webpack 3 version to Webpack 5, including Babel, ESlint, etc., formatted all files in the entire project, and changed some outdated writing methods or violations of Vue Lint and ESlint file. 3. Fixed the viewing angle problem of the pre-recording operation in the virtual showroom, and learned how to operate krpano xml. 4. Complete the front-end development of the Bulgari project by myself, customize the virtual showroom UI and add Security Headers and Google tag manager. 5. Complete the front-end development of the Tag Heuer project by myself, and add the company's OKTA OAuth for the customized virtual showroom. 6. Rewrite Cloudflare's image resizing worker and add cache for worker fetch. 7. Optimize Cloudflare's cache HIT from 40% to 95%. 8. Fix the problem that the back-end mosaic API caused the k8s machine in the official environment to crash. First, it was found that the k8s container would crash without warning, and then found out that the package used by the back-end code had a RAM-related issue. Later, it was found that the k8s machine in the official environment The RAM is very small, only 1g, which is not as large as the local development. Later, other similar packages were used to replace this function. 9. Combine Cloudflare's image resizing and on-demand loading to optimize the image loading speed in the virtual showroom. 收回
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Frontend Engineer

Nov 2020 - Apr 2022
1 yr 6 mos
Taipei City, Taiwan
TravelSkope is a company that provides OTA(Online Travel Agency) solutions. Development and integration of systems is required by airline and tourism. - Learned Flutter for six months and used Flutter to develop Taiwan Tigerair's in-flight POS machine. - Used the Vue2/quasar framework to develop Taiwan Tigerair's mall web and mall admin system. - Used the Vue3/quasar framework to develop Taiwan Tigerair's member web and member admin system. - Used the Vue3/quasar framework to develop Taiwan Tigerair's booking web and booking admin system. 收回
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Frontend Engineer

Sep 2019 - Oct 2020
1 yr 2 mos
Taipei City, Taiwan
During ATFX (Fullstack Engineer): - Participate in the development of ATFX APP. Using React Native to develop iOS/Android. - Responsible for application/user settings and KYC pages. Implement RESTful API with Nest.js. During Newtype Games (Frontend Engineer): - Participate in the development of the Game Platform. Using Nuxt.js and Vuetify.js. - Users can download games and purchase virtual items.

Software Engineer

Nov 2018 - Aug 2019
10 mos
Taipei City, Taiwan
This is my first job as a software engineer. Participated in the development of 台灣農林(Taiwan Tea Corporation) energy management system. - Used Vue.js and ElementUI. Develop PWA application. - Used Vue.js and Framework7 It allows users to turn on the power at home through their mobile, and they can also see the electricity consumption information at home.


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2010 - 2014

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